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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for the nice and informative website about Ruwais. I believe the only missing effort is to inform more people about the website. I saw the info in HR newsletter however, more can be done with an Internal Email within Borouge and other OPCO companies.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. Through the proper channels i think that can be achieved. Share the news, and others will follow ;)

      • hi ryan make this web site as Dubizzle .com , mention all options whatever shows in dubizzle, so every one can access easily.

      • Dear shariq, Dubizzle.com is a website designed for ads. Ruwais.info is a website designed for news, events and ads. If you have some ideas about new features on the website, we invite you to share them with us through our contact page : http://ruwais.info/contact/ .

  2. Hi Sir!
    Thank you for establishing this website. This is very informative and helpful. Hoping to see more people contributing here.

  3. Keep Update, ryan! very helpful!

  4. Hi Ryan! Thanks for updating the numbers……;)

  5. Dear Ryan, This is very good initiative for Ruwais based people to get information about Ruwais.
    Please add information on the website about Hospital doctors updated schedule if it is allowed to post on this site.
    Now a days there are different timings about different specialists. if you add these information it will help to the families toe make visit easily and confident.
    There are some visiting consultant doctors are coming so please also add their schedule.

    • Good morning,
      We will get all the information from the hospital once we get clearance from RHD. In the meantime we will try to honor your request.

  6. Dear Mr. Ryan,
    It is an excellent effort to put all the info of Ruwais at one place. Many people are not knowing about this web page. we will try share among the friends/ community. the day will come, buy n sell items will take place through this web site.

    Can you post update about Ruwais Mall.

    With Best Wishes.

    • Good morning, Ruwais Mall is a very interesting topic. We want to make sure that all of our information is correct before we make it public on this website. For example : Unofficially – Lulu Hypermarket will open on the 1st of January 2014 : Officially – We cannot confirm this news. Please bare with us ;)

  7. Good start and surely useful for all… Wishes for keep going..

  8. Ruwais mall is expected to start 2nd week of Jan 2014.

    • Good afternoon mus83,
      Can you tell us the source of the news ? Is it official news ?

      • Well it was suppose to open on the national day , 2 nd december , but it was postponed for another month, so most likely the supermarket will start along with some other shops.

  9. Why don’t we paste the RUWAIS.info ad on convetional classified boards at EGM, Central Market etc. if the site is more popular will be more useful also.

  10. Rhd

  11. masooma kamran on December 18, 2013 @ 7:22 AM

    when Ruwais mall is getting open?

  12. Muhammad Khurram on January 5, 2014 @ 8:03 AM

    Nice website, please keep updated this site with current and future events.

  13. Nice site, we need it. Thanks for the update on the Mall. My wife is a teacher here and I am looking for work. Former US Navy ship engineer, Jack of all trades type. I am working on my resident Visa and drivers Licence at the moment.I can always use info and willing to share any that I have.

  14. Mohamed Hamidoun on January 21, 2014 @ 6:29 PM

    Hi Guys
    I was just wondering if is there any driving school in al ruwais

  15. I appreciate your informations regarding ruwais mall opening. But what about other shops and when they are opening tentatively ? Also please keep updated about the movies in the 4 screens of cine royal and the timing which will be great for film lovers. Also pl. try a seperate heading for ruwais mall and in that pl. mention if any special offers are introduced by Lulu or other shops. You are doing Great job. Pl. continue and keep it up.
    Best Regards

  16. hey Ryan, need information regarding where i can buy SCOTTISH FOOD in ruwais?

    • Dear Braveheart,
      Sadly, there is no haggis at our “local” restaurants. We recommend you try the classic biryani or the tasty lamb chops dishes ;).
      Bon Appétit.

    • Hi braveheart

      As a fellow scot I miss my haggis too. I’m in Abu Dhabi this weekend so will see if I can find some and come back to you.

  17. Dear Ryan,
    This website is really usefull and hope will cover all of information within Ruwais Community.

    There are two things I wanto to share on this board:
    1. Every year many students are going in and out Ruwais School.
    Based on Goverment requirement they have to get school transfer certificate which is sealed and stamped by Education Officer.
    Here is location of Education Office in Madinat Zayed where probably not all of Parents know:

    2. Have you planned to put Ruwais Housing map which will be usefull for residence (especially for new comers) in your website?
    I have created one and everybody is able to add/modify as required, (just sign in and edit):

    Thank you

    • Hey AbuFath,

      1. If you can develop this concern into an article i would be more than happy to post it on the main page. You can ask your teachers or colleagues to help out (Include their names and they will be also mentioned as article authors). You can send the article at :
      contact [at] ruwais [dot] info .

      2. The “Ruwais Google Map” is a complex task to complete. I will experiment with Google Maps Creator and will follow up.

      Regards, Ryan

      PS. Whenever you have any other ideas please share them again on this page. Thank you for your interest to help.

  18. Mohd Adnan on April 14, 2014 @ 9:30 AM

    I really love this site,really useful for all those living in and around Ruwais,thx.I just got 1 query does any one know of any could pest control companies based in Ruwais or Gayathi?If any one does know of any such pest control companies kindly let me know their contact details.Keep up the good work!

  19. Hi~

    I want to know about the pizza hut

    Is it open now? I want to eat pizza!!!!

    I heard pizza hut doesn’t open yet. is it right?

  20. Hi Ryan,

    How are you..? Myself Reji working as legal officer in Ruwais Mall, may I know about you sir..?

  21. Hi Ryan ,

    i came to know that there is ADNOC bus to/from started if you have any updates related that like timing and how to registered , can you please update

    thank you very much and appreciated to your hard-work.

  22. sorry i mean to say ADNOC bus from RUWAS to Abudhabi and same return back .

    • Good evening,

      As far as i know the Ruwais-to-Abu Dhabi bus is following the normal schedule (during Ramadan).
      During Eid it will follow the national holiday schedule.
      More details can be found here : http://ruwais.info/ruwais-external-buses/ or at the Main Bus Station.


      • Thank you for your prompt reply,
        but i am not saying regarding DOT bus , saying that ADNOC bus like what borouge bus /GASCO company bus from /to ruwais/abudhabi ,

      • Good morning,

        Please search in your inbox for company newsletter updates regarding bus timings. This information is private as per company rules.

        For example : Borouge has sent an email with the new Ramadan bus schedule on : Tue 6/24/2014 3:53 PM. Borouge employees can book seats on the Ruwais-to-Abu Dhabi bus through the internal online application. Gasco/Fertil/Takreer/Elixier may have other procedures.


    • ‘Rules’. I know, right? I can’t say with complete certainty, but I’m fairly sure that if Anarcrow had a favorite philosopher it would most likely be Wittgenstein. Granted, competition for that coveted spot is hardly fierce.

  23. Hello

    Does anyone know contact number of “Learner Car “.As my wife need to practice for her parking test. It will be better if the trainer is female.

    • For driving lessons please contact : mr. Adburaman : 0506112813
      His english is not very good, please have an arab or indian friend with you.

  24. Hi
    Eid Mubarak to all
    This eid my bro n his family n few friends expected to visit Ruwais
    I stay at housing
    So can I take them along wit me to adnoc beach ??
    And can I do grill at d beach ?

    Hope sum1 give a positive reply
    Tk cr till then

    • Good morning,
      Upon entering ADNOC Beach Club you will need to present your ADNOC Company id (Borouge / Takreer / Gasco / etc). Your guests can enter with you at that time.
      Yes, you can grill inside the beach club. You can use the grills that are on site, but i recommend to bring your own. Do not forget to bring coal, matches and other grill tools.
      Enjoy ;)

  25. Hi,
    A good effort from ur side to keep the Ruwaisees updated. Keep going.
    I would like to know if there is a new school coming up? if so, which curriculum?
    or else what for is the new building coming up near HCT? Just Curious… Wish it’s a school.

  26. Yes it’s the international school of Choueifat , British curriculum , it will fully start 2015 academic year

  27. Hi Ryan & users of this website,

    Great that you are having this website.I have read a lot of useful information on this site, sadly I have not checked it out before, as I am already in Ruwais area for one year…..
    Now our project is finalizing I would like to ask you the following, as my company make use of Al Mariah, having a personal driver with a small Toyota HiAce (with CNIA pass) for driving us around. As my next visit(s) will be short visits, and not with that many people visiting, I would like to know if you happen to know if it’s possible to rent a car for those small visits with CNIA pass?

    I’m sorry this is work related, but I am really looking for possibilities here…..
    Google brought me to your website.


    • Hey Lucien,

      A CNIA pass is a personal and unique security pass for Ruwais Industrial Area (ADNOC Group of companies).
      To enter with a car through CNIA gate you will need an ADNOC acceptance letter (for a one time visit) or a separate CNIA card for the vehicle (for multiple entries). To get more information about this, kindly inquire this at the CNIA guards. They will confirm that the car also requires a form of security pass.


      • I know CNIA card is required for vehicles when multiple visits are necessary. Which in my case is necessary.
        Do you or someone else happen to know if it’s possible to rent a car onsite?
        There should be a possibility I reckon…..


      • I ll give you an example:
        A few Borouge pickups are rented cars. They get inside the CNIA Gate & Plant because of the separate CNIA pass.
        I do not know the procedure for rented cars to apply for CNIA pass, but i can confirm that it is possible.


      • I think you misunderstood my question, at least what I’m trying to ask…..

        I would like to know if there is a company (on site) who rents out cars with an applicable CNIA pass.
        I’m not looking for renting a car and then getting it on site.

      • I do not think or know the existence of this kind of service.

        I know you would be avoiding a lot of procedures and approvals with such a vehicle, but i am afraid you do not have any other choice.

  28. Hi Ryan,
    Thank you for this website. Its very informative and helpful.
    I liked it, lot of information and updates available.

    Abu Yousif

  29. Hi everybody,

    I have no word to explain how I feel when I see people of Ruwais commenting here on this page. I have great memories of this place from the late 80′s to early 90′s. Right from the Camps at one end to the Ramada Dafra at the other. I sometimes wonder if my old friends are still there. I used to work for Zakum Constructions first and then for Al Mariah Transport. This small city has given me the best times of my life in the gulf. The driving school run by Shaheensha got me my driving licence in the first try itself. The doctors and staff of the Ruwais hospital who were ever ready for any emergency. I miss this place a lot.. I feel homesick sometimes when I think of Ruwais. Ruwais I miss you.

  30. Ruwais has improved a lot now.

  31. HI Ryan,
    Do u hav information on when Delhi Private school is going to open in Ruwais . Heard that they had taken up the Borouge training Centre to start the new school. Is it true or just rumours??????????

    • Good afternoon Mrs. Abdul,

      I have no official information regarding your inquiry.
      Kindly visit Ruwais Housing Division building or call +971-4-8821848 (DPS Dubai) for updates & follow up.


  32. hi. please can you provide me the phone number of female driver instructor at Ruwais

  33. Hi Ryan,

    I wanted to know whether there are Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Ruwais. Indians employed there in Ruwais and staying bachelors and those who don’t know to cook food (as the case with me) can rely on these restaurants. Can you please throw some light on this.

  34. Hey Ryan,

    First of all i would like to thank you for putting up this web page. Secondly i would request you to please upload some information regarding the bus services from Bank building to the rest of the housing. Recently there is a change in the routes. If possible, try to mention the contact details/route & time details of the bus services
    Thanks & Regards!

  35. Sir
    I wnt to aaply driving lisence
    i am in ruwais near by ruwais mall
    Please reply

  36. Assalam Walaikum wrwb…

    Dear Brother Ryan

    Thank you very much for providing important info related to Ruwais.

    I am currently in Saudi Arabia and expecting to shift to Ruwais in Aug 2015.

    Could you please tell me more about the social life in Ruwais?

    Is there any gym near to ADNOC or Ruwais College?

    Once again thanks a lot.

    Jazakallah Khair…

    • Marhaba Riyaz,

      Ruwais is a quiet city to live with your family. You will see for yourself that it is very safe and relaxed.
      You have gym in the recreation center and in the new men’s club.

      Good luck.

  37. please upload some information regarding the bus services from Bank building to the rest of the housing. Recently there is a change in the routes. If possible, try to mention the contact details/route & time details of the bus services
    Thanks & Regards!

  38. Hi Ryan, I am planning to move Ruwais soon. Could you please give us more info about the accommodations in Ruwais? I am hearing that the availability is very less and difficult to get. What type of family accommodation will be available and what is the approximate price index for each? Thanks in advance.

    • Good morning,

      Accomodation in Ruwais is provided by your ADNOC company (hr / housing department).
      Your family status or sharing agreement entitles you to certain sizes of apartments or house, in accordance to your company’s hr policy and / or contract benefits. Your company will communicate the availability and costs of your accomodation (usually, the accomodation is free of charge).


      • Priya Malhotra on April 26, 2018 @ 11:03 AM

        If the accommodation is not given by the company, then whats the other options, when we are moving with family.


  39. Hi Ryan, i would soon be onboarding Borouge. I’d like to know how bachelor housing are – what do i expect inside and what things do i need to buy? Is there a nearby shopping store where house furniture needs are available if in case i need to buy them?

    Thanks in advance Ryan, your info will definitely make me more prepared in moving to Ruwais.

    • Good evening,

      What to expect inside ? Expect an empty space that you will decorate / fill with furniture and electronics of your own tastes & needs.
      What do buy ? That depends on you, but you will most likely start with an oven, refrigerator, washing machine, kettle, tv / pc / laptop.
      Furniture stores in the area ? I know there s one behind the car wash, but you ll find a greater variety of products in Ikea, Home Center or Pan Emirates in Abu Dhabi.

      Once you get the housing, you should also get the one-time furniture allowance. Until that time comes, you don’t need to worry about any “furniture” decisions.

      PS. There are a few facebook groups, where you can find used household items at a lower price.

  40. Hi Ryan and other persons living in Ruwais and Ruwais Area.

    I would like to know if it’s possible to rent out a villa/house/appartment in the Ruwais Region, for like a year….
    I know it’s not possible in Ruwais housing complex itself, but I would like to know if there is a possibility to do this in e.g. Gayathi.
    On the internet I don’t find that much about this, but I think there should be some possibilities to do this, right?

  41. salamalikum
    Im a Special Educator,moved here recently.I have coached children with learning difficulties .and other deficiencies.

  42. mohamed kasim on November 25, 2015 @ 9:38 AM

    Is there any driving school in ruwais. i opened file in dubai but now i like to move to ruwais for new project, i want to continue my driving class in ruwais. please let me know about the info of driving school (light vehicle automatic). or near by school?

  43. i there any job vacancy for any goverment hospital there?

  44. I want to ask if there is any driving school in ruwais for getting lisence. Please reply

  45. SHAHUL HAMEED on February 27, 2016 @ 10:55 AM

    For driving instructor in ruwais. Please contact 0555038492

  46. Is there anyone who witness of any animal in Gayathi city which is not suppose to be here.
    Like I myself witness one FOX here in front of petrol pump area, I want to confirm this..?

  47. Our company needs to provide an accommodation for 2 people in Al Ruwais, can someone lead us to a person to contact with?

    Are there any space to let within Ruwais housing complex?

    Also do you have a trunk number where we can ask anything regarding accommodation in Ruwais.

    Thanks in advance.

  48. Hi all, i am Sri Lankan, i was transferred to Ruwais from Abu Dhabi on yesterday. I am feeling lonely and really bored. I am looking for good friends. Is there any get together or events to meet people in Ruwais. My contact no 0521350079. By the way I’m not with ADNOC.

  49. Hello Ryan, Ruwais community

    I am pleased to contact you and congratulate all management and staff for a great effort

    I would like to hop in and share this adventure in facility management, maintenance, supervision or any other suitable position 971-50-7822500

    Thank you

  50. Hi
    We have planned a eid holiday out in Ruwaison Sunday & Monday. Can any one please advise the main tourist attractions in Ruwais and surrounding areas. Thanks in advance and eid mubarak to all.

  51. HI!

    I am trying to booked a conference room.

    May I have the contact number of the person I should coordinate for this matter?

    Thank you and Best Regards,


  52. Mohamed Abdalla AlAbdouli on November 12, 2016 @ 6:33 PM

    I have training at Takreer and they informed me that the reserved that the accommodation has been arranged at TAKREER Guest House – Ruwais Housing Complex.

    Do you have any idea where it is located in Ruwais and from where do i pick the keys


  53. Osama hijazi on November 13, 2016 @ 2:37 PM

    Any jobs Ryan

    Check my profile on LinkedIn please

  54. How to look for rental apartment in Ruwais ?

  55. Great information. Lucky me I discovered your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book-marked it for later!

  56. Hi Ryan!! I’m a engineer from Spain (Europe) and I just received a job offer to move to Ruways.

    I’d like to know if is there any spanish or europeaan people there to contact them.

    I’ll move there with family and need to know which ia better school for kids and want to know if there are kids to play with my children, …

    You can contact me by private.

    • Hi Georgy,

      There are a few europeans or spanish speakers in Ruwais. The best way to get to know them is usually through facebook groups (like ruwais ladies) or when you come to live here. Eventually you will bump into everyone, since Ruwais is not that big of a place ;)


  57. Priya Malhotra on April 26, 2018 @ 11:01 AM

    Hi Ryan,

    From the conversations written above, I can assume that you would be great help to have useful information about the place and related things.

    Could you please help me out with the details of rent accommodation since I shall be moving to the Al ruwais city by the mid of may month.

    A quick reply will be highly appreciated.


    • As i mentioned in the email

      All Enquiries : 800-Ruwais (800-789247)

      Your husband’s company will provide accomodation
      Private persons renting in ruwais is not allowed

      • Priya Malhotra on April 26, 2018 @ 11:31 AM

        So that means if they are not providing accommodation for the family, then there is no scope for the family to move there or live.

        kindly correct me if the understanding is wrong.


      • Ask the company to mention the details or type of accomodation . Once you know that you will know if you can move here with the whole family .

      • Priya Malhotra on April 26, 2018 @ 11:40 AM

        The Company can provide bachelor kind of accommodation, and says that they can pay additional amount if he does not stay there and stays with family. But that accommodation has to be identified by himself.

  58. Aamir Siddiqui on June 3, 2018 @ 1:20 PM

    Dear Admin,

    There is a new addition in Ruwais area which is a Pharmacy in Package 12 Ruwais 4 near building 159. I believe the community will find this addition valuable.


    • Thanks Aamir
      I visited the pharmacy and i can confirm the location (behind bg 159-160-161 etc)
      it’s always good to have options if you need some “light” medicine.

  59. Seungjun Lee on December 18, 2018 @ 9:52 AM

    Hi !

    I’m a new resident in building 187(T1870108) and I want you to let me know P.O Box no. in the building 187.

    I already reached your company to ask for it but there was none who could inform me P.O Box no.


    • if you want a po box, you need to rent one from the ruwais post office
      unless specified otherwise, all adnoc companies have po box numbers from abu dhabi hq

  60. Hello,
    I am planning to work at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant from next year.
    Then I am looking for some place to live with my family in Ruwais.
    Could you please let me know it is possible to live, even though I am not an employee of ADNOC? If so, I would like to have some information such as location, rental fee, apartment condition with picture.

    ps. I sent an email to the address rhcservices@adnoc.ae, but no one replies.

    • As far as i know Barakah Nuclear Power Plant offers familly accomodation. Kindly check again your contract benefits.

      You may also send me an email, mentioning the desired family accomodation details, and i will forward to ruwais admin personally.

  61. I am considering relocating to work at the Barakah plant. I am curious before I make this decision what the pet life is like over there. I have recently got a puppy and would like to bring her with me. Are there pet friendly places.

    • GCC is not really pet friendly, considering the annual average temperature and the sparse green areas.
      Furthermore, you need to double check if your contract entitled accomodation allows having pets.

  62. Hi,

    I got offer from ADNOC Fertile under SOS contract payroll and planning to transfer in next month at Ruwais.

    Kindly let me know, whether contract employee can get family accomodation facility on rental basis (1BKH) at Ruwais city. If so than looking for a place to stay in township.


  63. Nothing has been mentioned in private contract. I want to stay as private rental basis. Let me know the options pls.

  64. Hello sir. I want to know what bus number and there bus timing? (arrival and departure) here at PMC Camp (Samsung Engineering) ?

  65. Does anyone know if Amazon delivers to Yash Guest House 6. If so, what is the address?

  66. Seungjun Lee on January 28, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

    Hello, I live in BG 187, Al ruwais.

    May I ask how I can contact maintenance coordinator who is working for my building?

    Actually, I tried to contact the coordinator with the contact no. which is posted on the wall next to the Elevator of my building but he said he doesn’t work for RHC anymore.

    • The only way to contact RHC Maintenance is by calling 800-RUWAIS (800-789247)

      Maintenance contractors are each divided into different departments : hvac / plumbing / electrical / carpenter / civil / etc .
      Those departments are made off different teams which are sent into the field depending on calling time and urgency (priority) .
      That is why you may not get the same team of technicians every time you request for maintenance.

  67. Junaid Khaja on July 16, 2020 @ 7:54 PM

    Could I be provided contact information of taxis (travelling from Gayathi to Ruwais)

  68. Appreciate if you kindly inform when Lulu/Daiso shop will be reopen in Ruwais Mall.

  69. all the time i used to read smaller content that as well clear
    their motive, and that is also happening with this paragraph which I am reading at this

  70. Chithra Kanakam on January 27, 2022 @ 9:20 AM


    May I know Is there any driver available for training in Ruwais?

  71. Hi Admin,
    Kindly let me know, whether contract employee can get family accomodation facility on rental basis in Ruwais Housing. Working for Takreer under the contract of ADCS.

  72. Hi. I would like to know who does one contact or go and see regarding family accommodation in Ruwais as I am permanently employed with Nawah. Thank you

  73. ui kwun son on May 13, 2022 @ 10:10 PM


    I am UI KWUN SON, call me UK.
    I have lived villa P-399 for 2 years and now left from there due to finishing work in Ruwais.
    I still have UAE residence VISA and working in another area.
    physically, I am not in Ruwais but many friends and related work is still remained in ruwais , wish to come back there again

    I left Ruwais on 14th of February 2022 and now 3 months have passed.

    When I left the house, the half year rental period remained and then the rental fee for the remaining time was supposed to be refunded.

    An accounting staff in Ruwais housing admin guided me through the refunding process with a 2 month notice period before leaving , returning the house key and some approval procedure.
    Actually, when I heard the procedure, I suggested I can inform Ruwais housing admin of the leaving day earlier and when I leave the house with the return key, I need to get the refund.
    but He said the process can be started by returning the key.

    For now, I am not sure when I can get the refund.
    I think the accounting staff did his job properly. but somewhere or someone in his higher level doesn’t care about this process.

    As time goes by, so much suspicious thinking is increasing in my brain.
    Is it like someone in this process trying to intercept my money ?
    I don’t think so.
    But the remaining rental fee is half of a year. You know it is not a small amount of money.

    I have sent them emails for reminders and asking for status more than 10 times for last 3 months, but the reply is ‘in process’.

    I will try to find a way in law enforcement if this situation keeps going.

    This kind of process should have a schedule or designated time to completion.
    AM I too sensitive ? Is this a normal situation for this kind of work in UAE ?
    3 month is still not enough time for this process?


    ps. I tried to register this complain in Ruwais forum site.
    it was not possible due to email confirmation was not working after this long writing done. I will try again.

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