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Ruwais Housing Complex Contact Numbers

| Ruwais | January 17, 2017


I few weeks ago, i came accros a brochure with all the contact numbers from Ruwais Housing Complex. I am now pleased to be sharing that information with you in this article.

I will start with the fact that on the other side of this brochure there is a mention of the email for the Ruwais Housing & Community Services, that we have already informed you previously in the E-Mail communication Facility for Ruwais Housing Complex Residents article.


  • Ruwais Housing Toll Free


  • Government Sector


  • Schools



  • Markets

  • East Markets


  • West Markets


  • Central Markets & Fish Market




  • Banks & Adnoc Oasis


  • Health Clubs


There you have it.

I hope you will use and share this information whenever you need to.



12 Responses to “Ruwais Housing Complex Contact Numbers”

  1. Peace be upon you
    On behalf of all the women residing in building J3
    Ruwais 2 near the schools of ADNOC
    We would like to make an urgent complaint to the Ruwais housing administration and ADNOC management
    For the need to provide a solution to the affected
    First there are very bad odors emitted from time to time from the waste room and sometimes more than sinks outside the building at all times to the degree of intolerance and even sleep, we want a quick treatment of the matter
    Secondly, the building has many problems of maintenance. Every day, the master of ladies suffers from the disintegration of one of the things, especially the air conditioners and the water leakage, and all kinds of maintenance workers do not know how to work properly and delay so much until they arrive to solve the problems.
    We are asking to move to another new building that has no problems or maintenance work of the building college from A to Z
    Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to present my opinion and complaint

  2. I would like to meet with Adnoc Housing to discuss options for renting an apartment.
    Can you please tell me what hours you are open on Saturdays.



  3. ahmad aleaimat on April 8, 2020 @ 8:04 PM

    ?????? ?????

    I want to know the PLOT ID (??? ??????/ ??????) because I want to register online my son in the school and they asked about it and it is mandatory request I can not continuous to submit with out this information

    I live in Ruwais 4 building 182 02 02

    ahmad alelaimat

    0507775502 (whats up)

    • What school are you trying to register at?

    • The PLOT ID is a 12 digit number from your tawtheeq (tenancy contract).

      From my recent experience this is required only by the Asian International School.
      (ADEK registration through Tasjeel)

  4. Would like to know how to report neighborhood disturbances and illegal tenants who are disturbing badly.

    Help us with a solution please.

  5. Hi

    I am looking for 1BHK for rent in apartment building

    Contact me via email

  6. Muhammed afzal on June 28, 2022 @ 9:45 AM

    I would like to know about rent a flat in ruwais housing , could you share the contact number

  7. Hi
    I am Nikesh from Accord facility management company
    Can you Guide us how to register as an facility management company at your housing projects

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