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Special Mobile Plans for ADNOC employees

| Uncategorized | March 12, 2018

A special mobile subscription “deal” has come to my attention, and i will share it with you below. Untill now Etisalat has not been on my “recomendation” list, but i think this is the only exception that is worth mentioning.

Coincidentally i was also looking for a mobile package deal, and the only one that almost had me convinced was the  Virgin Mobile 79 AED Social Plan. The 5GB data bundle was great, but it is not usable for internet browsing, email checking or any app downloading.

Thus, the (winning Etisalat) Special Mobile Plans for ADNOC Group employees offer is :

Plan 1
Plan 2
Local Minutes
International Minutes
Local Data (GB)
Local SMS
International SMS
CUG Minutes
Monthly Rental
AED 100
AED 120

Note * : CUG Minutes stands for “company internal usage”. Basically calling other ADNOC employees, who have subscribed to any of the above 2 plans, is FREE (within a 10000 minutes monthly limit)

The necessary documents for subscribing are :

  1. Salary certificate
  3. Emirates ID


Please note that this is valid for Ruwais redemption until 31st of March, after that the Ruwais Etisalat Office will close. You will still be able to get the deal at Etisalat Main Office in Abu Dhabi or at Dalma Mall Etisalat Branch.

Below you can read or print the whole deal.


If you need a new device, like : Iphone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8, you can pay for it in monthly installments. You can request for other brand devices (if you are a Nokia / LG / HTC fan) if you are interested to purchase, just make sure to focus on that aspect.

Share with your colleagues if you think this is a good deal.


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5 Responses to “Special Mobile Plans for ADNOC employees”

  1. Capt Imran Khan on March 12, 2018 @ 8:12 PM

    Dear Ryan

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful deals and i hope its true and available.
    This is perfect for my requirement, i will go for it at the earliest.

    Thanks once again for your useful posts which we always admire.

    Capt Imran Khan

    • The offer is true.
      I have subscribed to plan 2 myself, since i need international minutes.
      The offer is available in Ruwais until 31st of March (when the Ruwais HC Etisalat office will close), after that date you can get the offer in Abu Dhabi.

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