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Amazon.com shopping with Ruwais delivery

| Ruwais, UAE | February 9, 2015

I have recently discovered something interesting while shopping online on Amazon.com . It is probably old news for frequent online shoppers, but i think it is a good tip that everyone can benefit from. I will explain more in the following review.

amazon.com logo

In a previous article : Online shopping solutions for Ruwais i have mentioned the SnS service. While that service is crucial for online shopping from around the world, i mainly use it to shop from USA, on amazon.com. The SnS warehouse from USA is in state of New York, and all sales (including online shopping) are subject to a specific 8.875% local tax. What can we do to avoid those taxes ? We can change our freight company, we can select to buy from other sellers or we can have our orders delivered directly to our country.

Still, If you like shopping from amazon.com with SnS, i guess that you also tend to get the FREE Super Saver Shipping option on your purchases. So we are willingly accepting to wait 7-10 days to have the order shipped to our USA freight address in order to not pay additional shipping charges. Then we accept to wait another 4-5 working days to have Aramex deliver the package to our UAE location.

While SnS may be great and convenient, on average we will wait more (minimum 13-17 days) and spend more for our orders (because of New York sales taxes)

My new online shopping secret is the correct setup of your UAE address on your amazon.com account, and requesting direct UAE shipping at checkoutAmazon Global Expedited Shipping (averages 8-16 business days) costs as much as Aramex charges you per pound, but it may be faster on average. For international shipments your seller should transform into : Amazon Export Sales, Inc.

My previous shopping errors with my UAE address were all because the Street Address was not inserted properly. Only specify details as they request below the input fields.

amazon.com UAE address setup

My preferred payment method is credit card. I advise you to choose USD currency as your default credit card currency, to avoid ridiculous amazon.com exchange rates.

All this is nice and fine, but the actual shopping test is surprising. I found out that amazon’s courier for UAE is… Aramex. This is a clear sign that this is not their first shipment in this country. So after having completed the order, all that remains is to keep tracking my packagehttp://www.aramex.com/express/track.aspx and wait for the delivery.

amazon.com order uae shipping

If you need express shipping, you have that option with both Amazon (at checkout) and with SnS (by default).

As always, i look forward to your comments in the section below and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

  • 14 FEB 2015Update

I have just received a call from Aramex Abu Dhabi and have given them details about my Ruwais Location. The delivery is arranged to be done tomorrow.

  • 15 FEB 2015 – Update

My product has been delivered, with no additional cost from Aramex or custom taxes. You can clearly see the value of the package on the delivery printout. Thanks Amazon :D. I will be seeing you again very soon.


Amazon Global Package

Amazon Global Package

My conclusion from this online shopping experience :

  1. Shipping time : 6 Days (from USA 9th February to UAE 15th February)
  2. Savings : 20$ = No sales taxes for New York state.
  3. Will definitely buy again. Most likely light products sold directly by Amazon.

18 Responses to “Amazon.com shopping with Ruwais delivery”

  1. dilip khairnar on February 10, 2015 @ 10:32 AM

    very good service.

  2. Thanks for sharing this info with us!

    Next time when you are preparing an order let me know!

    • Hey Radu,

      You can order from Amazon without having to share shipping expenses.
      I paid only 14.5$ for shipping from USA to UAE for one ssd 850 Evo.
      Just setup an account and write the necessary address details.

      Good luck and happy shopping.

  3. its come to our pobox , home delivery or we need to take from musaffah

    • I expect the package to be delivered at home by aramex.

      i know that they would not want to have any complaints from amazon.com

      I will update once i receive the package.

  4. Do we have to pay (43 aed) again once aramex delivers our packages to our houses in ruwais or the online payment is the only shipping payment? Thanks for the info!

  5. Taleb Al Mansoori on March 12, 2015 @ 12:54 PM

    Very informative , Thanx a lot dear. I will tried in my next shopping in amazone

  6. Sir

    I dont have PO box No. Then how to make the order…plz reply steps thank you

  7. Dear,
    As i understod,this way to minimize the shipping period, am i right?

    • Your best option to minimize shipping period is paying more for better shipping option. but keep it in mind while shopping multiple items, sellers will take time to deliver to Amazon, packed and stuffed before reaching your home, except you choose to ship separately where as soon as the item reaches Amazon delivery dept, they will deliver to you right away. For some extra cost of course.

  8. I am little confused.
    This is only applicable for some items which deliver globally, right? I found many items could not be deliver direct to UAE. Only local address in US is possible.

    • You can try Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.in for alternative.
      In case no international shipping, SnS is your friend I bet.

  9. Hi, few tips on shopping in Amazon

    1. Please compare the availability of the stuffs you want in UAE beforehand, indeed most of the stuffs are quite cheaper in Amazon, but keep it in mind for shipping cost and waiting time. So, compare.
    2. Always use secure connection during payment, Paypal is a quick option yet having weaker securities compared to other. I’ve got my own sour story with it.
    3. I really really won’t suggest i-parcel from UPS as delivery agent. Check again before continuing to payment. Aramex, FedEX, DHL are reliable I would say from personal experience.

    • Thank you for your feedback.

      1. Always buy from UAE if the item is available here, the price is ok and you need it more or less urgently. Delivery from USA can take a long time.
      2. Sadly amazon.com only accepts direct credit card payment but uses an encrypted connection for that. It would be advised that you scan your pc frequently for malware if you suspect any fraudulent activities or spyware on your computer.
      3. Lately, i have also noticed that Amazon is using i-Parcel (instead of Aramex). i-Parcel provides a tracking number in the US or Europe, but when the package arrives to UAE, you can say goodbye to the number
      i-Parcel uses Speedex (postaplus) Dubai as their last-mile courier… and they only deliver to Ruwais once per week after the customs clears the package (that too may take up to a whole week). Until now i have refused only one time a package due to the fact that it took around 3 weeks to deliver since it had entered UAE. Even with economy shipping that is not acceptable. Hopefully they now know that I take my online shopping seriously and will think twice before delaying delivery.

  10. Hi,

    can i send some documents to Pakistan ? and in how many days they can receive this because its urgent can you reply me please so today I will come there.


  11. Great. Amazon is one of the leading e commerce industry. Thanks for sharing the above information.

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