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Ruwais Organic Fruits & Vegetables

| Ruwais | March 6, 2015

Dear foodies of Ruwais, please stop looking for certified organic fruits and vegetables providers. We now have a solution to that problem. All the credit goes to one of our website’s readers (Chinua M.) who shared this interesting information through our contact page.


Please keep in mind that the following article presents an organic ingredients option for our special or every-day home meals. Our local markets are also good sources of fresh fruits and vegetables at a very convenient location and price, but an alternative is always good to have.

Here is how to order the organic goodies : 

Step 1: Go to ripeme.com/order/category/10 to see what boxes are available.
Step 2: Go to the https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16tE4rFkmSoQhPcamDbnGLqXh749uBsGpwrz01oquLB8/viewform to place an order.
Step 3: Make your payment for your order at the reception area of the Glenelg Ruwais Elementary Campus.
Step 4: Pick up your order from the Glenelg Ruwais Elementary Campus.  You will be contacted when the order has been shipped.


Although the instructions are pretty straight forward, i still had some questions regarding this order process. Eva Cox ( [email protected] ), teacher at Glenelg and coordinator of organic deliveries with Ripeme.com in Ruwais, has given me the following answers :

  • When is the delivery usually scheduled ? Once per week, twice, every day, how about weekend ? 
We can schedule it as often as we like.  Ideally, once per week, but we need 5000AED worth of orders before we can schedule a delivery.
  • What is the exact location of the pick-up ? What is the pick-up schedule interval ? (morning, or afternoon) 
Pick-up will be at Glenelg School Elementary Campus on Saturday afternoon.
  • How many days does it take the fruits/vegetable packages to arrive in Ruwais from the moment of the order ? 1-2 days ? 
I submit the order on Tuesday afternoon and the delivery arrives Saturday mid-morning.
  • How is the quality, what is the price, what is your overall experience ? ​​How is the packaging, how are the fruits (green / ripe / damaged) ? How is the price comparing to the local markets or Ruwais Mall ? How many times have you ordered and have you been satisfied every time ? 
We have only been able to order once, but have been very satisfied with the service and the product.  Of course the price is a little more than local markets, as all of the produce is certified​ organic and is locally or regionally sourced.  None of the produce was damaged and it was all delicious!

Eva also added : As of right now, we are only ordering the fruit, vegetable and juicing boxes listed on their website.  Once our orders become more regular and consistent, RIPE will add us to their website and we can order anything they have to offer (canned goods, pantry items, etc.)

So… there you have it. This is the information that generally answers most curiosities. Feel free to contact Eva Cox on her email if you have further details.

Share this article with your friends, your wife and anyone who wants to eat healthy and organic.

PS. If you also have interesting facts to share with us, kindly use our contact page.


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