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Taxi Sharing to or from Ruwais

| Ruwais | November 15, 2018


Taxi Sharing to or from Ruwais (copyright bimag.it)

After a constructive discussion with my night shift colleague, Mangesh, i’ve decided to draft a basic Taxi Sharing list for Ruwais travellers.

The advantages of taxi sharing, or “ride-sharing” type of agreement, vary from cost savings and time efficient transportation to, even, social engagement.

Technically speaking the Taxi Sharing list can be opened easily through Google Sheets. In case the list does not open, you should try updating your google apps or (re)installing the  app.

Using the Taxi Sharing to / from Ruwais list requires for you to share a few basic details:

Date Name Contact Starting time from Ruwais Going To

Depending on where you want to travel to, or from where you are returning, you should post in one of the 2 tabs.

  • Outbound Travels (Leaving From Ruwais TO …)
  • Inbound Travels (Coming to Ruwais FROM …)

A few general rules should be :

  • Always check the list before adding your traveling plans or your travel companion request.
  • Always mention if you need only 1 travel companion, or you only have 1 luggage space available. (Remarks section)
  • It always pays to respect each other and treat this list with a serious mindset.

In case you’ve missed it: the Taxi Sharing to / from Ruwais list is this one :


And if you have any suggestions > please leave a comment in the section below ;)


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7 Responses to “Taxi Sharing to or from Ruwais”

  1. Before proceeding further, please check car pooling allowed like this open sharing with anyone with anyone, in UAE.

    If friends going together (sharing the car) is NOT an issue. But, if we start openly with anyone with anyone (previously not known as friends) that may like Share Taxi. Legally it is illegal to share personal car with unknown person

    As per UAE law car pooling is allowed only with registered vehicle with registered name of the persons sharing the vehicle. I believe in dubai there were some system for car pooling through the RTA Dubai website registration.

  2. Good evening Parithimaal,

    Thank you for your feedback. It is always nice to see proper engagement from Ruwais.info readers. I encourage everyone to do the same.

    I would like to start that the ideea of this article is not about car pooling, but rather Taxi Sharing – where a professional, registered and insurred taxi driver is collecting a small group heading to one destination.

    The group will most likely consist of people (of the same shift from different companies) who have agreed to travel together at a certain time and also split the fare (evenly).

    Furtheremore, i have already forwarded this article to our Ruwais (City) Administration and will update accordingly if there are any concerns.


  3. Tibin Joseph on March 21, 2019 @ 2:50 PM

    Is there any taxi sharing from Al Ruwais to Al Sila ? Please help .

  4. Naomi Beemsigne on March 31, 2019 @ 2:05 PM

    I’ve added my name to the list, I would like to share a ride to the airport on April 2, 2019..

  5. I would like to share a ride from Melbourne airport to Rowville. May I know the cost?

  6. I want go to ruwais tomorrow Sunday 6th from Abu Dhabi at 7am

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