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Ruwais P.O. BOX #

| Ruwais | February 10, 2021


To renew, or not to renew? That is the question.

One of the Ruwais Post Office services, that i have been using for the last 7 years, now costs a minimum of 300 AED per year.

Continue reading to know why i will not be renewing this year, and what alternative i will use.

What is the ZIP Code for Ruwais?

Kindly note that there is no international zip code for Ruwais / Abu Dhabi / UAE… since that system has not been implemented. But do not worry, you can use the PO BOX # instead as a reference and guidance for UAE postal package delivery.

What is the PO BOX # for Ruwais?

If you want to receive packages on your behalf, you can use the following Ruwais General PO BOX number


Usage Cost : 25 AED + Customs + 5% Vat

Alternative PO BOX # ?

If you want to reveive packages through your company mailing services, you can use the following PO BOX numbers.

As a general guideline, during collection you will need to present your Company ID, otherwise you will be charged additionally.

Here are the Ruwais Companies PO BOX #:

  • ADNOC (Administration) – 11844
  • ADNOC Refining (Takreer) – 11885
  • ADNOC Fertilizers (Fertil) – 11882
  • ADNOC Gas Processing (Gasco) – None
  • ADNOC Hospital / NMC – 11876
  • Borouge – 11764

Usage Cost: Customs + 5% Vat 

Requirement: Company ID (during collection)


Why i will not be renewing this year?

During 2020 i have not ordered many items from aliexpress (china) due to… obvious reasons.

On the packages that i have ordered and received, mostly small accessories worth several dollars, i paid customs fees worth nearly the same amount.

In December i received a package from my family, and i paid 50 AED customs fee. Since this was not an order, but a personal package, i have made a complaint that still has not been resolved.

If we break down the 300 AED cost of the PO BOX into individual packages => It would take at least 12 packages to break even the cost of the service. I do not see myself receiving so many packages during 2021.

During 2020, i have not received more than 6 packages. For that reason alone, it should be enough to not renew the service.

However, the cost of 300 AED is not worth the trouble if you get to pay customs taxes on personal packages too.

If you feel otherwise, please go ahead and get yourself a personal PO BOX #.


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4 Responses to “Ruwais P.O. BOX #”

  1. Markus Lorkowski on February 11, 2021 @ 10:54 AM

    How about Letters, I can let them send also to the Ruwais Postoffice PO Box?
    How the letter will reach me than?

    • Yes, you can receive letters too.

      Although, most statements or bills can be sent by email or downloaded from the website, as it is convenient, fast and cheap.

      • Markus Lorkowski on February 11, 2021 @ 1:25 PM

        Hi Ryan thanks for your answer, I not speak about national letters, I speak about international Letters.
        For example I get regular letters from my government in home country or my Parents.
        But the big question is . How I get notified there are some letters for me to collect?
        How I know some letter arrive at the Post-Office P.o. Box?

      • I used to receive notifications by sms when I had packages arriving at my personal po box.

        For public po box you may have to track yourself the incoming mail.

        Kindly visit the post office to know what options are best suited for your needs.

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