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2021 Mobile Plans for ADNOC employees

| Ruwais | January 22, 2021


For 2021, ETISALATES has started sending again ADNOC Special Offer messages. More details regarding the offer and a complete device list will be presented below.

Business Freedom plans will also be included here, since they are essential to know and compare with. And since good things always come in threes, The Government plans will also be featured along with a complete list of new devices available on instalments.

Considering the 2020 UAE telecom rules, i think you have already started seeing subscriptions in a much more relaxed way.

The previous 2020 article has ~7.5k views, and it was highly engaged both on this blog, social media and our WhatsApp.  That is why i have followed-up with Etisalat’s Enterprise & GOV team and have obtained for you the 2021 Etisalat offer for ADNOC employees. You will notice only minor modifications to the offer, but they refflect the 2020 UAE telecom rules,

The ADNOC Plans are :



Offer 1

Offer 2

Offer 3

Offer 4

Offer 5

Monthly Rental AED 100 AED 100 AED 120 AED 120 AED 225
National Minutes 500 230 500 230 130
International Minutes 0 130 0 130 130
Local Data (GB) 12.5 12.5 16 16 30
Local SMS 130 65 130 100 0
International SMS 0 65 0 65 0
CUG Minutes* 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000
Exit Charges AED 100 AED 100 AED 120 AED 120 AED 230

The contract details for the Etisalat offer for ADNOC employees are  :

  • CUG Minutes* is 10,000 minutes per month (CUG = Company Internal Usage)
  • Minimum contract period is 12 months
  • Plan exit charges are applicable, and are equal to one month’s rental.
  • For after Sales Support, please call 8005800 (SMB), 8009111 (ES) toll free
  • You can also send emails to them at [email protected]

The Freedom Bussiness Plans are :



Plan 1

Plan 2

Plan 3

Plan 4

Type Local Flexi Unlimited Local Unlimited
Monthly Rental AED 200 AED 200 AED 325 AED 600
CUG Minutes - - - -
National Minutes 800 - Unlimited Unlimited
International Minutes - - - Unlimited
Flexi Minutes - 400 - -
National Data 13 13 27 50
Promotional Data* 13 13 27 50
Exit Charges 200 200 325 600

  • * Promotional Data valid for only 12 months.
  • * After 12 months contract duration, customer will be moved to non-contract plan if contract is not renewed.
  • Non-contract plans or no-commitment plans are AED 225, AED 375 and AED 700.
  • International Minutes are applicable for select list of countries as per Business Infinte plan. (for details please visit www.etisalat.ae/business)
  • For After Sales Support, please call 8005800 (SMB) or 8009111 (ES) toll free
  • You can also send emails to them at [email protected]

The Government Plans are :


The Government Plan

Offer 1

Offer 2

Offer 3

Offer 4

Offer 5

Monthly Rental

AED 129

AED 150 AED 249 AED 349

AED 599

National Minutes


750 900 950


National Data


31 40 50




10000 10000 10000


  • Exit charges of one month rental will be applicable in case of exit before completing the the 12 months contract period.
  • CUG Minutes* is 10,000 minutes per month (CUG = Company Internal Usage)
  • International Minutes are applicable to all countries except a select list. (for details please visit www.etisalat.ae)
  • For After Sales Support, please call 101 toll free number or mail on – [email protected] or [email protected]

The Devices List :


If you also need a new device with your plan, here is the complete list of the lastest smartphones that can be purchased in instalments :


View Fullscreen

Important Note:

• Handset delivery is subject to stock availability
• For support please contact Customer Contact Centre on 101 or [email protected] or [email protected]

Required Documents:

Plan Only:

  • Valid Emirates ID Original & Copy (Validity should be more than 30 days)
  • Staff ID Copy
  • One of the following : Stamped Salary Certificate /Vehicle Registration /Last Month Utility bill with physical address /Tenancy/Ownership contract

In case of Device Order:

  • Salary Certification address to Etisalat (Mandatory)
  • Addition Credit card Details on Auto pay form
View Fullscreen


  • Employees can subscribe for family members provided the subscription in under company employee name
  • New number OR for existing Etisalat / Du number (Postpaid or Prepaid)
  • Monthly Salary Required
    • AED 2,500 for plan only
    • AED 4,000 for 1 devices
    • AED 6,000 for 2 devices

Subscribers on Etisalat Postpaid plans AED 150 & AED 250 cannot apply for the same number.

How to Apply:

Based on your location below staff at our below mentioned address will support your application. You may reach the below staff with all the documents for processing your applications. The staff will coordinate with you for all your queries and scanning the original Emirates ID.

Etisalat Branches in Abu Dhabi where you can avail the offer:

  1. ADNOC HQ Etisalat Kiosk (Gate Number: 2)
  2. ADNOC SKEC Gate Number: 2 Etisalat Kiosk (Tunnel Area near ADCB ATM)
  3. Etisalat Business Center Timings: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Sunday to Thursday)
  4. Mafraq Mall
  5. Marina Mall
  6. Dalma Mall

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