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COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

| Ruwais, UAE | January 15, 2021


Although an international agreement for a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate has yet to be confirmed, at the moment the following document will act as a certificate inside the UAE.

How to get it, how it looks on the back side, how else can you prove you had the vaccine will be detailed in the following lines:

1. How to get the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate ?

As explained in the COVID-19 Vaccine Experience article, the vaccination process implies to take 2 doses.

Once you have taken the first dose you will be given the Vaccination Certificate, which also acts as a reminder for the second dose.

In case you have already taken the vaccination in earlier campaigns, you can visit the vaccination center and request your certificate.

If you have decided to take the vaccine, simply go to the ADNOC Hall – Yas Social Center. Saturday to Thursday 9:00am to 8:00pm. Friday 12:00 noon to 8:00pm.

2. How does the COVID-19 Vaccination “Certificate” look on the back side ?


As you can see it mentions your:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Employee ID (if applicable)
  • Vaccination Center
  • 1st Dose Date
  • 2nd Dose Date
  • Note (if applicable)

3. How else can i confirm my COVID-19 Vaccination ?

Your vaccination status can be confirmed through the Al Hosn app, in about 2 weeks after your 2nd dose administration.

Under your name and Emirates ID details, You should have an E (Emergency Use).


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14 Responses to “COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate”

  1. Majority of Workers in Ruwais Area are getting COVID-19 vaccination from the Hossam Mobile Team located near about the Royal Catering Camp. After getting COVID-19 Vaccine only SMS received from Hossam Mobile Center, they are not issuing any certificate after getting the Vaccination. So what we should do to get the Vaccination Certificate for our record and show as evidence that we are vaccinated, Please advise

    • You may follow-up with the Hossam Mobile Center, and request a certificate on the spot based on your medical records (for example the SMS confirmation)

      You can also try the SEHA APP. To see the dates of your shot, click on My Health Dashboard > My Medical Records > Immunization. In your immunization, it will have a history for any vaccines you have gotten at SEHA.

      • Thank you for sharing information about Vaccination taken at SEHA. Where to find the records for the Covid-19 Vaccine shots taken here at Ruwais ADNOC NMC Hospital (Pure Health)?

        Thanks & regards,

      • @Harin Shah: Kindly visit the ADNOC Hall – Yas Social Center and request the certificate at that location. The center is under Ruwais Hospital administration.

        Do not worry, your company medical / hse focal point receives a report from the hospital staff at the end of every day (regarding vaccination progress)..

      • MUKLESUR rahman on February 14, 2021 @ 12:07 AM

        Sir i have done covid 19 vaccination both dose in yash social centre but i didn’t get my certificate how can i get it please?

      • @MUKLESUR
        Kindly revisit Yas Social Center and request the vaccination card from the medical staff.

    • Ponniah amendran on February 24, 2021 @ 4:25 PM

      I didn’t receive thecovid 19vaccine certificate

  2. I as I Phase 1 and was vaccinated at Nawah Energy at the Brrakah Nuclear Power Plant site. How do I receive my Certificate

    • Kindly contact your medical team to find out who provided the service, since they are the ones who can officially hand you the certificate.

  3. Mustaqeem ahmad on February 13, 2021 @ 8:07 PM

    Hello sir, i get my 2 dose but still msg not come on my mobile so what i do to download my vaccination carc

    • Vaccination certificate will be issued by the same medical clinic or medical service provider that has given you the vaccine

      You may call SEHA (80050) for confirmation of this

  4. Mustaqeem ahmad on February 13, 2021 @ 8:11 PM

    Rply me in email plz or send link for downlaod my carc

  5. Lucian Cucli on February 13, 2021 @ 8:24 PM

    I am in the same situation, I have took both doses at the center on the Ghiyathi Road operated by Tamouh Healthcare.

    • Vaccination certificate will be issued by the same medical clinic or medical service provider that has given you the vaccine

      You may call SEHA (80050) for confirmation of this

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