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Oasis Water Home Delivery at Special Price

| Ruwais | August 2, 2014


Oasis Water Company Logo

In the following article i will mention how you can get Oasis water delivered to your Ruwais Housing Complex home at special ADNOC prices.

I will focus in my introduction on the big 5 Gallon (~19 Liters) Water bottles since i know that most of us, Ruwais residents, have and use water dispensers for 5 Gallon Water bottles. Depending on where you get the water bottles you could be saving or losing money. For example my nearest home delivery shop charges me 9 AED per bottle with an extra 1 dirham (tip) for the delivery boy. It s convenient and cheap when it comes to the cost divided per liter. But, lately, my home delivery shop has been “forgetting” to bring me the 5 Gallon Bottle of water unless i call them twice, so i have decided to try a different supplier and save money in the process.

In case you have missed the announcement in January or February regarding “Supply of bottled water”, i will remind you. There is an agreement between ADNOC and its group of companies with Oasis Pure Water LLC.

I am not at liberty to publish the actual document due to company regulations but i can mention the most interesting details. The agreement specifies what special prices ADNOC employes get for Oasis products.

First of all let’s start with the discounts :


Let’s continue with the terms of the agreement

1) Coverage of Business/agreement : Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

2) Payment : Cash Coupon Book for 5GLN & Cash for the rest of the products.

3) ADNOC ID Card to be provided, during each delivery of the coupons.

For further official inquiries please contact :

Mr. Massad El Haj <|||> Tel. No. 6023838 <|||> Mobile No. 050 4452747

Mr. Mohamed Al Zaabi <|||> Tel. No. 6024060 <|||> Mobile No. 050 6418404

For extra information call the Ruwais Delivery Oasis Official @ 055 6743857.

Share the information with all of your colleagues and do not forget to leave your comments, appraisals or complaints in the section below.

24 Responses to “Oasis Water Home Delivery at Special Price”

  1. Thanks Again,
    we come to know about this offer now only. I wonder why Oasis never inform about this offer to it’s own customer ??this will definitely save our hard earned money.

    • This is one of the benefits of being an ADNOC employee. To take advantage of it, you need to update Oasis with the necessary information.

      Just like shopping at Home Center… if you do not show your ADNOC ID, they will not give you discount.


  2. As far as I know we have discount at : Oasis, Home Center and Etihad.
    You re welcome to correct or complete my list.

  3. There is a 35% discount at Adidas as well for adnoc group

  4. Hi,

    1. can this water discount be also availed by ADNOC abu dhabi employees?
    2. Home center discount is probably 25%
    3. what is Adidas discount??

  5. I believe home centre discount is 25%… All over uae. ..

  6. I need oasis water….for office….but howmuch your actual price for delivery…..reply me soon… [email protected] …. all detail………

  7. Rameshkumar on June 21, 2017 @ 9:56 AM

    I need oasis water please give me a office contact no in ruwais. I m an Adnoc employee. Building no.
    Z 11643. CONTACT 0561829381

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  9. Hi I should let you now that the water truck is not coming every time one week yes next week no way.

    Kindly do your best to come on time am living in Ruwais city.

    Have a nice day.

  10. Irfan anwar on March 3, 2021 @ 11:37 AM

    Plz give me contact noumber western region area delivery boy

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