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Abu Dhabi – Oman Border & Visa Run

| Ruwais, UAE | October 5, 2014

If your relatives or your friends want to extend their 30 days tourist visa in the Abu Dhabi Emirate they have 2 options. You can go to the Residency & Expatriates Affairs office and pay 700 AED or You can do an Oman Visa Run and pay 35 AED upon UAE exit plus 5 Omani Riyals (48 AED) upon Oman entry. Oman exit and UAE entry is free of charge.

I chose to do the Oman visa run from Al Ain (eastearn part of Abu Dhabi Emirate) through Mezyad Border for my mother-in-law. Not only is it cheaper, but you can repeat this process without restrictions.


(Abu Dhabi) UAE – Oman Border Mezyad – GPS : N 24°01’33.1″ E 55°50’49.6″

I have started the trip at 5:30 AM (from Ruwais) and have reached the Mezyad border at almost 9 AM. The road is (on average) smooth and clear. Before getting to the destination you will pass a (mountain) rocky areas and a few camel farms.

Kindly remember to keep any papers that you are given at control points, you will need to present them later. Also, make sure your passports are valid for more than 6 months when you are doing the visa run.

1. Before paying the exit UAE fee (35 AED / person) you will cross 2 check points. Upon payment you will receive UAE exit stamp.

2. After reaching the Hafeet border in Oman, you will complete a form and pay 5 Omani Riyal using your credit card or cash. Upon payment you will receive Sultanate of Oman entry/exit stamp.

While it is recommended to have proof of Oman coverage of your car insurance, the border police man told me that it is not needed if i am only doing a visa change.

3. You exit Oman border and go back to UAE border. Go the entry visa office to get the new 30 days Tourist Visa. Exit the border point and drive back home.

I have finished all of these border crossings in one hour. I have have reached back in Ruwais at 01:30 PM. Going and coming back is a 700 km drive so make sure your car is in top condition.

I look forward to your inquiries in the comment section below. Remember to share this article to someone close.

PS. If you don t have a car, you can take the bus to Al Ain and from there you can arrange with mr. Rob Tyler to take you through the border and back.

PS#2. Contact Oman Embassy in UAE : 

Phone  +971 (2) 446-3333  : Email : [email protected]


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246 Responses to “Abu Dhabi – Oman Border & Visa Run”

  1. Can I get ur number to get more clarification on this as I would like to do it for my father who is on tourist visa here.

    • Good afternoon,
      Please send me an email and i will answer it with as much detail as possible.

      • Hi Ryan,

        I want to do similar run for me and my wife both British, this weekend. I am In Abu Dhabi so Al Ain would be easier for us.

        So after going through the Ai Ain Mazyad exit, how far inwards is the Omani check-point or entry point?

        Can you do the Oman entry/exit at the same time and turn back from the same place?

        I will really appreciate a quick reply from you.

        Many thanks for your time and efforts.

        Best regards,


      • Yes, you can do the visa run on the same day.

        I believe the attached photo gallery is very clear with that information.

      • Hi Ryan,

        Just read your comment about the visa run.

        I need to extend my in-laws visas. We are South African and live in Umm Al Quwain. There current tourist visas was taken out by a company providing visa services. They are also the sponsors on the visa.

        Can I do it at the Oman border? There last day is January 17

        Your urgent advise is appreciated.


        056 142 1951

      • Usually sponsored type visas need to be canceled by sponsors before applying for a new visa.

        For more details please contact your emirate Residency & Expatriates Affairs to find out more about options to extend visa for South African tourists.

      • Adnan Mahmood on May 3, 2015 @ 1:48 PM

        Hi Ryan, Can you please confirm that these ‘visa runs’ are still accepted/allowed by UAE authorities. Last year I heard the news that these are no longer available for ‘western expats’ such as those holding British passports.

        Your response to clarify this issue will be greatly appreciated.

      • srinivasan on July 3, 2015 @ 4:17 PM

        Iam Indian passport Holder having Abu Dhabi residence Visa ( validity until 2017)
        ( my Vasa status Project manager)
        I wanted to visit Muscut along with family for TWO days along with my family on 12th luly 2015.

        My family ( Spouse + One daughter 11years ) having UAE visa vakidity until Nov 2015 ( less than 6 months ),

        Shall I get the Oman border visa @ Alain- Oman entry.

        kindly reply

        I remain dear sir,

      • Is this visa run process valid for all countries?

      • I mean to say is there any restrictions for any specific countries?

      • Nikolche Jovanoski on April 10, 2016 @ 10:51 AM

        Hi I have residence in Abu Dhabi

        We would like to go to Oman with my motorbike can i buy insurance on the border?

      • Hello Ryan,

        I do not currently have a car and i hold a canadian passport, i have been in U.A.E for more than 30 days, approx extra two days, I’m trying to do the visa run in Qatar from Abu dhabi, who shall I contact to have them pick me up or meet somewhere close in Abu dhabi or al-Shahama area, please contact me via email if you could that would be great, I know it is approx 40 dhr and i believe i would have to pay 100 dhr for every extra day I have been in the country, but I need someone professional and clear to go with no problems

        thank you


      • Dear

        Our company run daily trip from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain then Oman borders to renew your visa

        For booking plz contact us www abudhabivisarun.com or www ratuae.com

      • Ryan can u send me the info about how to exit in oman boarder in al ain .. My visa is for employment and i have it already all i need to exit and go back again here in uae. What papers they need??

      • you need your passport + your pink entry visa paper + the uae exit fee + oman visa fee

      • mary mwangi on July 18, 2016 @ 8:54 PM

        Hello There,

        please advise.
        My sis 3 month visa expires in august. We need to get a need to extend it through oman border. she has kenyan passport. Please advise.

        Thank you so much.


      • Hi Ryan
        Can we get oman car insurance at Mezyad border

      • Hello
        Brother my tourist visa going to expire 11-02-17 is last day i already book my flight same day 11 feb can i exit same day it is save. Or going to overstay its very urgent waiting your reply

  2. How can u b so sure that this can be repeated without any restriction.

    • Good afternoon,

      I know this from experience with my mother-in-law. See the updated gallery photos.

      My mother-in-law has arrived in UAE – Dubai on the 7th of August with a 30 days Tourist visa.

      The first visa run has been done in Dubai – Hatta – Al Wajaja on the 5th of September. (30 days extra)

      The second visa run has been done in Abu Dhabi – Mezyad – Hafeet on the 4th of October. (another 30 days).

      Total 90 days. No fines because we never passed the 30 days.

  3. Vishnu Panchal on October 9, 2014 @ 11:31 AM

    Thanks for this very good information. Is this also applicable for 90 days visitor visa?

  4. Isn’t the visa for Oman tourists given at border for specific nationalities
    Indian nationality won’t get Oman tourist visa at d border

    • These are the allowed Countries for Tourist Visa Run :
      New Zealand
      South Korea
      Hong Kong SAR
      Czech Republic

      • I am a holder of Kazakhstan passport with a tourist UAE visa, now is ready my working permit for this reason i need to exit and entry back to UAE. Can I go for visa run to Oman boarder?
        thank you

      • Hi Nur,

        You need work visa to exchange your tourist visa.
        Contact your company for more updated information and find out what is their preferred method of visa exchange.

      • Hi Ryan,

        Can I ask where you got this list and this information from please? Is there an official website for this?



      • Hi Dan,

        The information presented in the article is from my own experience and from UAE/Oman official website.

  5. Good day sir.Is this also applicable if you go there exit in Oman and wait till your working visa is ready?…thank you.

    • Yes, you can exit through Oman if you need to change your visit visa to a working visa.

      • hi sir ryan,

        what is the process on exiting in oman???is there any fee for oman visa????

        actually i am a filipino citizen and preferred to exit in oman for changing my visit visa to working visa because my employer said that it is better to exit there in oman. how is the process and what are the requirements????


      • Dear Kayce please read the article and the comments to find the answers to your questions.

        Also, if your employer encourages you to do the visa run, he can surely confirm all the information that you will find here.

  6. how about saudi border at al sila? anybody have experience?

  7. how much would mr. rob tyler charge to get to oman and back and what days would he be available to do the trip

  8. Last night I went for my friends visa exit/entry to Hili border in Al Ain. They told me to get Omani visa as well. since you cannot enter oman without the visa, and for exit and re-enter to be performed, you need to go to a country other than UAE.

    Now I’m looking for Oman visa and/or other economical options to do this process. Please help in this regard if anyone here knows it.

    • Good morning,

      Oman visa is on arrival. Depends on your nationality and what border you choose to cross.
      Also visa runs mostly applies to visa change (example : extend visit visa, get new employee visa, get new sponsor visa)

      Good luck.

  9. Hi – How far Is the Oman entry/exit stamp location from the UAE border post? Is it possible to walk this distance after parking your car on the UAE side? Thanks!

    • Good afternoon,

      The distance between UAE and Oman border is about half of mile.
      If you chose to walk during the day, make sure to take a bottle of water with you or a hat.


  10. Hello,

    My wife is on a tourist visa and i have got her residence visa and even paid 700 extra for the visa run process.

    Can you please confirm if i will be allowed to enter Oman for couple of days or i just have to do visa run process and come back. I am planning to do all this at Hatta Border. I will be accompanying my wife along so do i need to even get an exit entry stamp on my passport as well if i am just doing a visa run process only?

    • Good afternoon,

      There are 2 ways to change your tourist visa to residence visa :
      1. You do the Oman visa run (or any other country of your choice).
      2. You pay a special fee (of around 500 AED) and your local Residency Authority will stamp your passport with the new visa on the spot.

      If you do the Oman visa run, you will pay the UAE exit tax and the Oman entry visa on arrival PER person (Oman exit and UAE entry is free).

      Do not forget your passports & your credit card
      (if traveling by car : bring a copy of your car insurance with Oman coverage)


      • Hello,

        I have done the formalities. I just need to know if they will allow me to get inside oman for 2 days visit. By the way I am India. I have valid residency of UAE but my wife is currently on Tourist Visa and she is now going to change under my sponsorship.

      • Kindly read my comment from above mentioning the allowed countries for Visa Runs (and Oman on-arrival visa)
        You may need to apply for the Oman visa in advance if you plan to make a 2 day visit inside Oman territory.

  11. Go Tours operate several trips to the border and back every day. The company has been around a long time and people in Dubai know it well.
    If you want a hassle free service at a great price please check it out.
    We also have plans to operate from Abu Dhabi in the near future so like our facebook page facebook.com/gotoursdubai or check our website to stay upto date with our improved services

    • mohammed sadiq on November 30, 2014 @ 1:22 PM

      i am mohammedsadiq i want to no about border entry procedure i have working visa still 7 month valid and my family visa expiring on 2 nd feb 2015 i want to go dubai it can be possible i am government employe ROP HOSP as a medical laboratory technologist is it ok visit for dubai plz give me feed back realy its great help for me thanking u

      • If you are in Abu Dhabi you can travel to Dubai without a visa. If you are in Oman then the requirements for entry to Dubai depend on your nationality. We can take you but only if your nationality is listed on our site here:
        www gotoursdubai.com/questions
        Otherwise more restrictions apply and you should speak to a travel agency

      • Global Visa Run on December 28, 2017 @ 5:32 AM

        Hi Sadiq,

        I guess you belong to Subcontinent countries. If so you need to get Oman visa before going there. I work at Global Visa run and I know it.

  12. mohammed Sadiq on November 24, 2014 @ 10:10 PM

    I want to go with my family I am working as a medical laboratory technologist in royal Oman police hospital I want to no about my residence card expire at June 6th 2015 and my wife and daughter residence card expire at 2nd February 2015 it can be possible to go to uae or need 6 month validity of residence card of Oman

  13. Moein ul Hamid on December 3, 2014 @ 1:40 PM

    sir i m frm INDIA currently on visiting visa now i have to convert my visiting visa to employement visa can i make exit by road through OMAN

    • Good morning,

      Please check with Oman border Police for visa requirements.
      Returning to UAE will be no problem because you will show your employment visa.


      • Hi Ryan,

        Looking at all the post on this site, I am sure you will be able to assist me.

        We are group family have planned to visit Oman from Dubai holding UAE Residence visit during this upcoming holidays.

        I have mine and my 2.5 yrs daughter visa valid till 2017. But my wife Visa is getting over next month (28/08/2015). And we have already booked the hotel and other arrangements in Oman.

        As I was surfing through the site and realised that the UAE visa atleast should be valid not less then 3 months. And I am worried if wife will be able to enter to OMAN due to her VISA issue.

        As I have visited the OMAN Consulate today and they have already stopped issuing the VISA being EID.

        Now my question is can I directly go to Al Ain or HATTA border and try and explain the officer the problem and request them to allow my wife to enter OMAN which we have planned only 4 days?? Coz… one of the attendant from asked me to try directly and if I am lucky officer may allow the visa for my wife since she is on my sponsorship.

        Alternatively is it possible I can go in advance to one of the Boarder and try it before we have actual planned travelling i.e. tomorrow.

        Your kind reply and URGENT suggestion is much appreciated.

        Best Regards,

      • Your issue is only regarding your wife, you should go only to the Oman Consulate for an official solution. Visit them during normal working schedule.

  14. I was just told that cars with outstanding loans can’t cross the border into Oman any longer, as of like 10 days ago?

    • Good morning,

      If you are traveling with a personal old car to Oman, and you have valid insurance with Oman coverage, there is no issue.
      If you want to import used cars to Oman you will need to contact the Oman Border Police in advance to know if you are allowed.


      • I bought the car brand new earlier this year, with 5 year loan. So this means under the new rule I can’t drive into Oman anymore with my car? How would they check?

  15. Dear Sir,
    I am planning to go to oman by road through buraimi border for 4 days on 31st of December 2014. I and my wife and kids who are all sponsored by me have Abu Dhabi Resident Visa. I am an engineer by profession.

    My visa expires in May 2016, My families’ visa expires on 18th Feb 2015.I came to know from some people that the visa validity should be atleast 4 months to get oman visa at border. In this case will my family get oman visa at border since their UAE visa validity is less than 2 months. Would be very grateful if you could provide reply at the earliest.


    • Good afternoon,

      To my knowledge, in order to visit any country you first need your Passport to be at least 6 months valid.

      If you have already received visa for Oman or you are eligible for on-arrival visa, you can relax and plan your trip.

      For more updated information kindly contact Oman border police.


      • Thankyou very much for the prompt reply

      • hi sir
        I was planing to go to oman by car with my friend this coming January 1 from Alain to oman boarder but I’m confuse if I need visa or upon on arival in the boarder i go in the morning and comeback in evening just visit only an hour there. please give a good advise for this.I’m holding resedence visa in abudhabi and my propession is manicurist
        thank you so much

  16. goodmorninghi sir
    I was planing to go to oman by car with my friend this coming January 1 from Alain to oman boarder but I’m confuse if I need visa or upon on arival in the boarder i go in the morning and comeback in evening just visit only an hour there. please give a good advise for this.I’m holding resedence visa in abudhabi and my propession is manicurist
    thank you so much

    • good afternoon erma,

      i have mentioned in an earlier comment what countries are eligible for on arrival visas.

      once you get confirmation of your visa for oman, you can go ahead with visiting oman or just do the visa run for your friend.

      your residence visa of abu dhabi (uae) is your automatic acceptance to enter back in uae.

  17. Hi Ryan

    Hope you are well.

    Could you please advise me?

    My Tourist visa expired on 28th December and I want to get it extended from Oman Border. Do I have to pay any fine? I am planning to get it done on Saturday, 3rd Jan and I am a British national.


    • There is a rumor of a 10 days grace period. I have tried to find it mentioned on an official document but could not.

      I will say that I have one European friend who is extending his tourist visa every 35 days. So far he has no penalties for overstaying. Please do not exceed the original 30 days unless you have valid reasons to do so.

      • Im in freelance IT and have been living in Dubai for nearly a year. I do the visa run every 40 days via the Hatta border. My brother in law told me to call the dept of immigration to clarify this 10 day grace period. I can tell you now that after speaking with the helpful staff, they confirmed there is no such thing as an official 10 day grace period. BUT, that eligible nationalities have a maximum 40 days. The visa stamp at entry is always 30 days, but in the background we are allowed 40 days, after which we would get fined. I have been repeating the visa run inside 40 days for the last 6 months without any issues, and the Hatta border run is only 5 rials. Hope this helps everyone.

  18. Hi

    If living in Abu Dhabi which Omani border post is faster to drive to?
    In my experience going through the UAE border at Al Ain – Buraimi you have to drive a further 40km to reach the Omani border post and then turn around to come back, whereas at Hatta – Al Wajaja the UAE and Omani border post are only about 5km apart from each other.

    Wondering if there is a way to do a visa run through Buraimi or this Meyan without driving 40km further.


    • Hi Nick,

      Hatta is closer to Dubai emirate. Hatta is the most know border point to do the visa run, and you may choose to use this one if you do not mind waiting in a crowd.

      Mezyad border is in Abu Dhabi emirate and is very close to Oman border control point. The distance between the two borders is less than 1 km.

  19. Dear

    I want to know my wife came here tourism visa with me.i want to change to residents visa.she cannot travel bcz she is now pregnancy 3rd trimester. Kindly advise me without any exit can I get resident visa..
    Need ur advise very urgently and pls help on this..

    • Good morning,

      You can change from tourist visa to (sponsored) resident visa at Residency & Expatriates Affairs – Abu Dhabi – GPS : N 24*26’44.1″ E 054*23’22.7″

      You will pay a special tax for changing the visa without exit.

      Regards and may the child delivery be easy.

  20. Hello Ryan,

    I’m a tourist here in dubai and i have plan to exit in oman, do you have any idea how much is the cost of oman visa change&transpo and the hotel rate per day or affordable package to stay there for 20days.Also if anyone here knows any information please help me.Thanks in advance.

    • Good morning Rommel,

      Your enquiry is best answered by a travel agency, since they can provide transport and hotel packages.

      Enjoy Oman ;)

  21. Hi!Thanks alot for sharing.Need some confirmation.I have UAE residence visa. Once I exit UAE, do I need to pay for the Oman visa or I can just reenter UAE without Oman entry/exit stamp? I’m driving my sis for the visa run and I’m just tagging along with her. And in Oman what do my sis need to say to get both entry and exit visa at the same time?Simply tell them that she wants to reenter UAE?

    • Good morning,

      When i did the oman visa run i only payed for my mother-in-law Oman visa.
      When you are at the Oman border office, just say you are there for “visa exchange” and the police officers will know to stamp entry and exit on the passport.
      Simply tell them “visa run” or “visa exchange”.


      • Hi Ryan!
        Thanks for the advise. Did the visa run today from AD.The whole process went really smooth and took less than 30 mins in and out the border.

      • Hey Hana,

        It is great to hear that everything was ok.
        Can you share more details regarding your experience ?
        Are there any price modifications as of JAN 2015 ?
        Did your sister exceed the 30 days ?


      • Hi..
        We did exactly as you did..went through the border, parked the car, there were actually 6 of us..my friends relatives were with us..and my husband was the only one who went out and took care of their passports. There were 2 booths that we had to pass..one was to check the car registration papers and another one to handover the passports and payment for UAE exit. My husband paid by credit card..AED 35 per person. Then, at the Oman checkpoint, everyone has to leave the car and go to the counters. First, go inside the building, approach the counter and request for the Oman visa form, fill the details, handover to the officer at the counter. The person in charge asked the reasons for entering Oman. Told him for visa change, he stamped the passport (entry and visa stamps) and told us to go to another counter at the opposite side for exit stamp. Payment..they accepted cash in UAE dirham. AED 50 per person.Just in case, have a credit card in hand. Who knows they might decided not to accept cash. Keep whatever paper they give. They will make a headcount and write on a piece of paper the number of person traveling in the same car. Return the paper at the Oman checkpoint booth upon exiting Oman.Exit Oman, head back to UAE. This time everyone had to leave the car to get the passport stamped for UAE entry.

        So it took less than half an hour for all of us. Only 1 km from each border.at that point of time, none of us exceeded the 30 days. But my sis did the visa run for the past year and exceeded the 30 days a few times. She usually did the visa run via Hatta and they were allowed up to 10 days late before they were imposed the fine.We went for a vacation last month to Oman and entered UAE via Hatta.The immigration told us that you are allowed to stay up to 40 days only if you exit via Dubai airport (or Hatta) but if you exit via Abu Dhabi airport they will only allow you to exceed up to 5 days. Well.. I don’t know how valid the information is because everytime you ask a different officer you keep getting different answers.The most my sis exceeded was 5 days and no questions asked. So for your benefit..if you really must extend the visa..don’t extend more than 5 days.Or just prepare the cash to pay the fines!

        Meyzad border is the closest and quickest from AD. AD to Al Ain with the visa renewed under 4 hours!

        Anyone who wants to do the visa run from AD, there’s a service every Friday morning..you can email to [email protected] for details.

      • Thank you for your feedback Hana ;)

      • Hi Hana,

        Very good detailed reply. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind.

        Did you have to pay money also for the vehicle to exit UAE/ enter Oman? eg 80AED or similar.

        Can someone with a UAE residence visa accompany on the entire journey without getting their passport stamped (as is the case with Hatta) for example.

      • Hey Nick,

        There is no entry/exit fee at the border for your (personal) car if you are doing the visa run.

        Once you get passed the UAE exit border you will get your passport stamped. The only exception is at the Oman border, they will only stamp the passport that needs the new visa.

      • Thanks for the reply, but not sure how that can work.

        If someone is accompanying me, if they take a UAE exit stamp and don’t take an Oman entry and exit stamp as you mention, then they will be trying to re-enter back into UAE without going anywhere
        Essentially I wondered if someone could reach the Omani border post without taking a UAE exit stamp in their passport.

        As far as Im aware, once an exit stamp from a country is issued, you must enter a new country before you can get a new entry stamp again.

      • Hi Nick!
        I have a residence visa and my sis came here with tourist visa. If you are a residence, you need to stamp out from UAE and pay Aed35.That will be the exit stamp. At Oman border, you don’t have to give your passport to the immigration. Just wait out while your family/relatives are done with the whole process. Then, turn around to UAE and get your passport stamped.
        As long as you are residence, you can go out from UAE and come back without entering any other country. I did this when I went to QAtar waited at the transit lounge and return to UAE without going out from the airport. As long as you have the exit stamp and entry stamp that should be enough.

  22. Hello ryan !! I came in the uae on 31okt and was told that I could stay here for 40 days with my dutch pasport !after 39 days I went to oman crosing border not the one near abu dhabi but the one near ras al kaima its a smal city that belongs to oman so its oficaly oman !when I left the uae I pad 70 dirhams and on entering oman I paid 100dirham after that I made a U turn and left oman without paying and enterd the uae also for free with a stamp! So I asumed it was for another 40 days but I just read it on my pasport and it says that im alowed to stay in the uae for 30 days wich I passed now 5 days.so im 35 days now ..my question is what will happen if I go to the border crosin again becouse I want to stay for another month??? Im a tourist by the way !! Thank you

    • Good morning max,

      When you enter UAE (through Dubai) you are allowed to stay 30 days. There is a 10 days grace period – so you can overstay if you have an emergency. The grace period is not publicly mentioned in any document on the internet, so there is no official confirmation of it.
      You can do the Oman visa run again. There is a possibility to get a fine because you overstayed, but you can say you could not extend your visa because of x reason.


  23. Hello,

    Can I do the same thing if I want to cancel my wife’s tourist visa and get her entered into UAE again on Spouse visa? If yes, will I get Spouse visa at UAE border?? Ofcourse I will do it after all the documentation required for Spouse visa.

    • Good morning Fahad,

      First you will get a pink A4 visa for your wife.
      When you go to Oman (for visa exchange) and your return to UAE border, show the spouse visa to the police officer.
      You can also change from tourist visa to spouse visa at the Residency & Expatriates Affairs office and you pay an emergency tax of around 500 AED.

      I will do a similar procedure in the following month with my wife. I will change her work visa to housewife visa. I will update the article when i will finish everything.


  24. Hi ryan thank you for the information!!

  25. lo Ryan,

    my daughter have a 30 days tourist visa and she need to exit on the 25 jan 2015, and i already applied her in a residence visa and soon i will recieve it the residence visa for her, and she is olny 3 yrs old, my plan is to make her exit and coming back to uae as soon as possible as we hold her residence visa going to oman for exit purposes only.

    my question is the following:
    1. can we accompany with her doing the same you did?
    2. how much it will cost for as we are probably 3 person including my daughter?
    3. it is applicable to us this visa run to our situation?
    4. and if where in al ain down town how many hours will take the hull journey?

    • Io Russell,
      1. Of course you can and will accompany her. To make sure everything goes without any problems, bring documents that confirm she is your daughter. (Attested birth certificate is a great choice)
      2. You will pay 35 AED / person @ UAE exit border. And 5 Ryali / Person @ Oman entry border. (Oman exit & UAE entry is free)
      3. Visa run is applicable for you : changing from tourist visa to residence visa. You can call Oman embassy to confirm if you are allowed Oman on arrival visa. Eligible countries have been mentioned above.
      4. If you live in Al Ain, i think you can make the whole trip in less than 2 hours. It depends on traffic and how many people are doing the visa run on that day.

  26. Thanks Ryan.

  27. Hi all,

    @Ryan: Thanks for the info’s.

    I did this trip yesterday, and it is still works (we got the advice to goto to Hili and then drive for 40 kms, rather than Mezyad. However, Mezyad border crossing is open).

    I went from Al Ain to the border with bus 590 (4 Dhs, 45 mins). From there I walked to Oman and back. As I didn’t know where to go exactly (just ask around, all friendly folks!) it took me 1 hour and 15 minutes (that means, I just missed bus 590 back to Al Ain). Of this 75 minutes, I estimate I spent 30 minutes on walking.

    Good luck!


  28. Thank you for the information Ryan!!

    Sorry if this is repetitive. Have you heard of anyone having troubles in a rental car without “Oman Insurance”??? From what I have read here, it seems that if this is a problem, I will be able to walk the distance between the border at Mezyad??



    • Good morning Sarah,

      As far as i know you are not allowed to cross the border with a rental car.
      Yes, you can walk the distance between the borders at Mezyad.


  29. Hello Ryan,

    So just to clarify, the total cost to exit and re-enter the UAE is about 85Dhs?

    I’m planning to use my brother’s car to do this from Abu Dhabi. Using google maps, it seems it only takes about 2 hours each way.

    If you extend the visa from the department of foreign affairs, do you still qualify for the 10 days grace period?


    • Hello Sam,

      That s the correct cost for 1 person for the visa run.
      Remember to bring omani riyali or a credit card at the Oman border.
      If you extend at foreign affairs office, you have a strict 30 days extension.
      The 10 days grace period is not mentioned in any online official document.


  30. Hello Ryan,

    Your post is really helpful as I will be doing the same for my sister. She needs to exit the country next month since she’s in a tourist visa and wait for her working visa in Oman. The agency will arrange the trasportation but she will need to pay the hotel which is 40AED as per the agency. Is it safe for ladies to travel to Oman and stay in a hotel? Which hotel would you suggest for her to stay and tips whe she reache the boarder and during her stay. She might stay there for 2 days.

    Thank you very much,


  31. Hello Ryan,

    Your post is really helpful as I will be doing the same for my sister. She needs to exit the country next month since she’s a tourist visa and she will wait for her working visa in Oman. The agency will arrange the trasportation but she will need to pay the hotel which is 40AED as per the agency. Is it safe for ladies to travel to Oman and stay in a hotel? Which hotel would you suggest for her to stay and tips whe she reached the boarder and during her stay. She might stay there for 2 days.

    Thank you very much,


    • I have not traveled to Oman for pleasure or holiday. I don’t know any hotels to recommend.
      40aed is very cheap for one night stay at a hotel.
      I would not worry about about traveling as per agency directions. I would keep my passport, my money and my telephone very safe with me at all times to avoid any issues.
      A signed uae work contract copy would also be a good thing to have with you

  32. Hi Ryan,

    I will be accompanying my friend for his visa run. I am resident visa in abu dhabi and Filipino citizen, and will be driving him into visa run. Do I need to bring with me any documents aside from passport and emirates id to for me accompany him all through out his visa run process?

    Kind regards,

    • Hey Johny,

      To do the visa run, simply bring your passport.
      You may also be required to pay upon exit at UAE border (bring cash or a credit card along).
      Additionally you can also make a copy of your car insurance with Oman coverage.
      Have a safe trip.


  33. hi Ryan,

    my husband employment visa is cancelled..now he is in tourist visa n changing to new employment visa soon,,he will get his pink visa paper soon so he can do a border run to change the visa?..and do it require eye scanning as he enter with his new visa?and is the same charge for 85 dhs to enter n exit? or should he pay 500 dhs for the visa change?


    • Good morning,

      The cost of the visa run has not changed. A friend of mine recently extended the visa for one of his relatives.
      You are free to choose any method of changing from tourist visa to employment visa. This article merely presents an option for a particular case.


  34. hi..how to get the oman border police contact

  35. Hi Ryan,

    Great Thread!

    I just would like to ask how many times can you actually do this visa run if you are on a european passport?

    • As long as you don’t exceed your 30 days and have no official issues with government related businesses
      You can do the visa run as many times as you wish

  36. Can i do this with a business visa and a 14 days visa?

    • Good morning,

      Visa runs mainly apply for tourist visa extensions. Accepted nationalities are listed in an earlier comment. For more details please contact Oman embassy.


      • hey Ryan,

        Thanks for your fast response.

        I was wondering is it safe to use the 10days grace period everytime you do the visa run?

        Thanks again! Really appreciate it.

      • Hey Kate,

        I would not recommend to use the 10 days grace period since the terms of it are not clearly mentioned anywhere online.
        Please try and have a valid reason if you get questioned at the border about overstaying in UAE.


      • Thanks for the advice.
        Keep up the great thread! =]

  37. Hello Ryan, can a pakistani passport holder exit to oman, border to border? currently she is holding a tourist visa and will expire by end of this month. They got the pink paper already which is under husband’s visa. Let us know .. thanks

    • Hey Joycel,
      Please contact Oman embassy to confirm if you can do visa run.
      If you have the pink paper you are allowed to re-enter UAE without issues.

  38. My friend is on tourist visa (30 days only)
    His visa is expiring on 1st march.
    so is it possible .
    he exit on 1st mar to muscat and came back again on TOURIST visa.
    by taking a return flight .
    once he exit . Travel agent will post his tourist visa application.
    and get the tourist visa again in 4 hrs.

    Just want to know can he come on tourist visa again from oman.
    he is a south african national.

    • South African nationals are not eligible for UAE on arrival visa.

      I don’t know if the travel agent can get the new tourist visa in 4 hours.
      Your friend may be unable to return to UAE.

      Please contact the Abu Dhabi Residency & Expatriates Affairs office for updated and official information.

  39. hi,

    I need urgent assistance.

    I , my husband my son and my mom in law have residence visa.

    My mother in law residence visa is done by my husbands elder brother.

    I need to go to oman to attend a function.

    Do i need my husbands brother to be present so that we can travel to oman . or since she has residence visa she wont have issues travelling to oman

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Please make sure you are eligible for OMAN on-arrival-visa before making any plans.

      With regards to your inquiry: the presence of your mother-in-law’s visa sponsor is not required when traveling out and back to UAE.
      Once the residency visa is stamped on your passport you can travel freely. I will mention that you need to visit back UAE every 6 months to not get the visa cancelled.


  40. hello ryan!
    me and my husband on tourist visa in dubai pakistani passports we want to exitfrom oman border should we get visa on border check post or we have to apply from any agency. should we carry cash for the payments over their. we have employment visa`s.

    • Good morning Rida,

      Just contact Oman embassy to confirm your entrance at the Oman border point.
      Coming back to the UAE should be easy since you have mentioned that you now have employment visas.

  41. Can you please confirm that the google map coordinates you linked are the Mazyad/Mezyad crossing? Other google searches for Mezyad show the border to be in the middle of Al Ain/Al Buraimi, quite a difference when planning a day trip in Oman. We’d like to explore it a bit. Any tips?

  42. Hi

    Ryan , i am Fontawah a Cameroonian by Nationality.

    Please my tourist visa in the UAE is going to expire by the 16 of march , i wish to know how i can do visa change by entry Oman, and re-entrying the UAE with visit visa.

  43. Ahmed Al Gohary on March 9, 2015 @ 10:26 AM

    Dear Ryan

    We are doing a professional, safe and fast visa run services we drive from Al Wahda Mall at Abu Dhabi to Mezayed boarder for only 300 AED/per person our car 4X4

    for more information plz visit our website www abudhabivisarun.com

    • Hello,

      I need to confirm whether Pakistanis can use the visa run option also. I am told by a few colleagues that Pakistanis can not do it. Please confirm.

  44. Dear Ryan,

    I am an Indian – now in Dubai on tourist visa valid for 30 days – till 30th March – Employment visa will be ready (visa as archives clerk (originally am an auditor/accountant – Degree certificate not received , so issued this)) – Can I do Oman Visa run for exit purpose?

    • Good morning Shuhaib,

      Kindly contact Oman embassy to confirm clearance at Oman border.
      When you get UAE visa you need to exit & re-enter UAE or you need to transfer on your new visa through Residency & Expatriates Affairs office


  45. Hi Ryan,

    Just helping out anyone who are interested to do visa runs from AD can email [email protected].
    I used their service and they are great. They are a couple helping out their friends and now they are extending the service to those interested.I don’t need to do the run myself anymore!

    Your page definitely helped me and I just want to help others too by sharing this visa run service.

    Thanks Ryan!

  46. NASEER AHMED KARLAL on March 28, 2015 @ 6:18 PM

    Dear Friends.

    I want some information. actually i am working as a Maintenance Manager in Transport LLC company in Oman. I want to go to Abu Dhabi. Can i go from Shikla border.

    please can anybody send me the detail of visa and fees.

  47. I have a residency visa but have just returned from UK with newborn son who entered on 30 visit visa. Me and my husband are currently trying to fix the paperwork for a residency visa but this may take a while. We are planning on making visa runs via Ras Al Khama until we are able to get a visa sorted. What paper work do I need to provide? Do I need to show proof that I am his parent via birth certificate or is a passport sufficient. He is currently 5 weeks so one parent must cross with him. I am from UK and my husband is from Pakistan is it better I make the crossing with him then his father? What are the fees and as I don’t have a credit card do I need to exchange some AED into Oman currency in advance? Any advice would be much appreciated

    • I did visa run on 8th of April, with my wife and my 7 months old boy. We only had our EU passports with us.
      My wife is now on tourist visa. She quit her job to take care of our son.
      I paid everything with credit card : 97 AED upon exit (for 3 persons) and 5 Omani riyali (for 1 visit visa for my wife).
      Good luck Sarah.

      • Does your son also have visit visa?

      • Does your son also have visit visa? Do you know how many times you can make a border run? If there is a max amount for children?

      • My son has residency visa.
        As far as i know there is no restriction for visa runs. If you are eligible for tourist visa then you can do visa runs ;).

  48. ryan,

    Can i go to oman for exit while im waiting for my working visa here in abu dhabi?
    How much is the cost of visa? Can i get it from the airport?

  49. M Muneeb Saeed on April 15, 2015 @ 2:20 PM

    Hi Ryan,

    I am here in UAE on Entry Permit – New – Long Term visit Single Entry – Tourism. Issued on 11-02-2015 from Sharjah.
    I was here in the search of Job which I has secured thankfully. No the thing is that my employer has provided me the Entry permit Visa which is valid for 60 Days. (Starting from 12-April-2015). My employer has told me that I will need to flip my visa from Tourism to Employment Entry.

    Please guide me whether I am eligible for the Oman Border visa change.

    Muneeb Saeed

  50. Dear Ryan,

    I need to do a visa run from Abu Dhabi. I read from one of your replies that you recommend the Mezyad border passage, which is probably the closest one. Is it feasible if someone does not have a car? I read about Bob Tyler offering his services, but what if someone wants to take a taxi, walk through and then walk back (as they are not allowed to cross), is it feasible? Are there taxis available to take you back to al-Ayn once you’ve done?

    Is Hatta a better option if you don’t have a car and you don’t want to walk for 1km?

    Thanks in advance



    • Dear Andra

      Plz call us if u like coz I have trip next Friday and need to add one or tow more


      • Hi Ahmad,

        Thanks for your offer. I’ll save your number, but unfortunately it’s not for this weekend, it’s for the one on the 8-9 of May, are you planning to travel with other people on those days as well?

      • We can fix 8 May 9 am and market it for others plz visit our website www abudhabivisarun com

  51. Hi Andrea,

    If you are interested, we will have a visa run on the 9th May at 8am.
    There will be a lady co-driver if we have any female passengers.
    You can email us at rosealia28 at gmail.com

  52. Hello,

    Do you have to do the visa run on the last day of your visa or can it be done when you still have one week valid on your current visa ?


  53. Shantell on May 5, 2015 @ 6:57 PM

    I’m flying in to Oman for a visa run since my 30 days tourist visa in Dubai is expiring soon. Do you have any advice as to what I should expect?

    Thank you,

  54. Hi,

    Does a person has to enter Oman? what if he gets the eixt stamp from UAE border only and returns after few minutes to enter UAE without actually entering Oman and getting their visa and then coming back.

    adil.recruitek at gmail.com

  55. Anyone with a car doing a Visa Run to Oman (Mezyad border crossing or even Dubai) on Friday the 15th of May? Thanks

  56. I just booked a ride for visa run with Ahmad on Friday the 15th from Abu Dhabi. We need some more passengers. If you are interested, please call him on 0566698280.

  57. Javie Dapilloza on May 7, 2015 @ 8:32 AM

    Hi Ahmad,

    I just want to ask, do you have any idea how much is the rate of the hotel per night? Is the first night free same with the hotels in Kish? Please let ne kniw as I am currently on a tight budget now. Thank you.

  58. Javie Dapilloza on May 7, 2015 @ 8:50 AM

    Hi Ryan,

    Your blog is really informative & helpful. I just want to ask, do you have any idea how much is the rate of the hotel per night? Is the first night free same with the hotels in Kish? Please let me know as I am currently on a tight budget now.

    Thank you.

  59. I want to meet a friend of mine who is on Oman Visit Visa is it possible for him to visit https://goo.gl/Lkkho9

    This place i can access is it possible for him to come to this place as he has Visit Visa for Oman

  60. hi Ryan,

    I heard once you arrive in the country you get 90days this is for Germans/ french i forgot the other nationalities. so no more border to border?

  61. The Emirati immigration officer confirmed the 90 days in al-Mezyad

  62. I am planning to drive and bring my 2 kids from Dubai going to Hatta Oman border to get their Exit and Entry Stamp on their passport. They already have their Entry Permit for Residence Visa Change under my Sponsorship..Is it possible to do it in 1 day?

  63. hello there,.i want to go to oman for just 1 day.,and i planned to go by bus. but there is one thing that is bothering me,,its about the requirements. do i need to get a visa?

  64. Hi,

    I am planning on completing the border crossing with my wife, I currently hold a UAE residence visa, My wife was on a spousal visa with my previous employer, I cancelled this and due to an extended wait for my new visa she is on an overstay, She have to leave the UAE before we can apply for the entry permit.

    I have already been to the Omani Embassy and we have tourist visa stamps to enter Oman. I was planning on driving to as the car is a company vehicle and leased it will not have Oman coverage.

    Is their a bus or similar that crosses the border? We need to stay in a hotel for 1 night whilst the new entry permit is generated, Is there any hotels near the border crossing (Oman side)

    Any information would be greatly appreciated

  65. My wife and my daughter is here in Dubai for 3 months visit visa (sponsored by me) and will expire on 13th July. I have a residence visa here and we are planning to exit in Oman and apply a new visit visa for them to re enter uae. Please i need ur advise.

  66. Good Day!

    I am planning to have 2 days vacation in Oman, i am currently working here in Abu Dhabi as an Accoutant. Will there be any problem if i go in Oman and what are the documents needed? I am just worried if my working visa will be cancel if i travel to Oman.

    Thank you for the response

    • Just bring your passport. Your UAE residence visa grants you on-arrival visa to Oman.

      • Hello Ryan,

        Thank you for answering my questions. Just an additional question, I am planning to take the Mazyad Border to be in Oman, will there be any payment in the border?

  67. Is there a iris scan at mezyad border

  68. Mohammed niyas on July 17, 2015 @ 11:22 AM

    Hi Ryan,
    i am planing to next month visit to muscat
    now i am working in Abu Dhabi (Indian),my profession is security guard with PSBD license.
    possible for visa on arrival at the Oman border, pl z replay

  69. Hi,

    I would like to visit Salalah, Oman for a 3 days tour in September, My passport is valid until 2024 and my visa is expiring in February, 2016. I would like to know whether I am still eligible to get Oman tourist visa at the Al Wajaja Border.
    My Profession is Engineer and it is approved profession list.

    Please advise whether my visa validity should also be not less than 6 months?

    When I go through you website it is telling me that is not less than 3 months. Please clarity whether I want 6 months residence visa validity or 3 months is enough.

    • To be eligible for Oman tourist visa, you need a valid GCC residence visa and a valid passport with a minimum 6 months until expiration.
      Kindly contact Oman border officials for more details about what a “valid” GCC residence visa means.

  70. If Indians are on UAE Tourist visa but have a Residence visa processed and need to exit to get the Entry permit stamped, do they get automatic visa into Oman by road?

    • I believe that you would not automatically get an Oman visa, since on your actual (indian) passport you do not have a residence visa stamped.

      What you do have is a pink entry visa for UAE, and after the medical test and uae id application you will get a residence visa stamped on the passport.

      I look forward to your feedback on this.

      • OK, I will give my feedback in a few days time.

        So how about Indians with UAE employment visas stuck in their passports, can they enter and exit Oman by road and just pay 50AED for the visa?

      • To my knowledge: UAE employment visa is part of the process of getting residence visa, done by your employer. It s like a work permit.
        Simply putting it, you cannot work and stay within UAE without a residence visa.

  71. Ryan- Great stuff here! Thanks! Do you know if it’s ok to drive a friends car across the border to Oman as long as its insured for Oman? I need to take my wife down and was just going borrow a friends car.

    Also, do you know if I will be able to do unlimited runs to Hatta?


    • I do not think that you are allowed. There is one security check point where you present your driver’s license and your car’s registration card. Maybe you can find a nearby taxi driver to take you across the border and back (if you are traveling by day)

      You can do unlimited visa runs if your country has a special on-arrival visa agreement with UAE (see the list mentioned in an earlier comment).

  72. Hi ,
    I’m an American citizen and I already got visa extention. Can I still do the visa run afterwards to get another 30 days ???

  73. Dear Ryan,

    Am a Indian national in UAE on tourist visa and i have got my employement electronic visa now i want to exist UAE and come back with employement visa

    can i exist to oman and come back on my new employement visa

    can i apply a oman visa before i go for Visa run to hatta border. please advice


    amit arora

    • your employer should provide you with that information, it is in his best interest to speed the visa process. kindly contact oman embasy to provide additional information on your situation and find out the requirements for an Oman visa.

      i look forward to your feedback.


  74. is there a iris scan at the border, i am looking for border without iris scan

  75. Hello Sir,

    I am working as an SAP HR Consultant in Abu dhbai. I want to visit Oman for 2 days. DO i get the visa on arrival or i have to apply visa.
    My Visa Status till 2017 and with profession Information System Consultant.

  76. Hello Sir,

    I am working as an SAP HR Consultant in Abu Dhabi. I want to visit Oman for 2 days. DO i get the visa on arrival or i have to apply visa.
    My Visa Status till 2017 and with profession Information System Consultant.

  77. Adnan Badar on August 22, 2015 @ 1:16 PM

    Hi all,
    Anyone doing visa run from Al Ain way to Oman (Mazyad past Bawadi Mall)?
    I forget my Eye Contact glasses on Aug21st, inside Mosque of Oman border post. If any one doing Exit/Entry? Mosque is just next to the Reception and you can could ask them.
    If you find, I could arrange to pick glasses with you.
    Small Reward $$ with Big smile for you in advance. Would be a great help. I really love those glasses.
    Many thanks.
    Adnan, Abu Dhabi

    • Adnan Badar on August 22, 2015 @ 7:50 PM

      Hurrai….I got my glasses
      Thanks Ahmed for reading this and taking quick proactive action.
      I would like to recommend everyone to avail his professional Visa Run Services : www abudhabivisarun.com

      Thanks Ahmed again for your help.

  78. Hiii Sir,

    Im working in Dubai, mine is Sales Visa, Im just planning to visit Oman for 5 Days. Since i checked with few people they are saying Sales visa is not allowed to enter Oman by On road visa. Which is the other suitable way , and how much it will cost. In need to cross border only via road since i need to visit Buraihmi.

    Waiting for your your reply.

  79. Hi Ryan,

    i am a german citizen and my 90 days tourist visa expires on 25 of September.
    i would like to fly to india from 22 to 26th of September.

    1. Is a visa run(renewal) also possible by flying out and back to the uae?
    2. If yes, do i get another 90 days?
    3. Any costs?

    Thank you in advance

  80. i want to go with my family 22nd September 2015 (Eid occasion) for muscat tour,which way is better hatta oman or al-ain route and is there any exit fee from UAE border.
    my visa validity only 5 month left is it ok.
    what about car insurace cost for Nissan Tida.
    and if get Exit stamp from UAE and i did not get visa on arrival from Oman,can i re-enter same time to UAE.
    My Visa Category is General Accountant


  81. My daugter started working as a teacher in Sohar, Oman two months ago. She wishes to visit me, working in Abu Dhabi over the Eid period.
    She has a work permit and Omani visa. I have an Abu Dhabi visa and UAE ID. She will travel by bus.
    She was told that she cannot cross the border because she has not been there for three months.
    Is this true?
    I have a permanent residence in Abu Dhabi.
    Can you please assist us. If she can cross, where would she apply for a visa.
    We are both SouthAfrican passport holders.
    Thank you very much for your help. We are desperate. Nobody gives the correct information.

  82. Hi!
    Okay,so I’m currently on the 90 day Long term visit single entry – Tourist Visa and would be expiring on the 6th of December 2015.

    I would require to extend my visa or get a new tourist visa/visit visa for 15 or 30 days.

    Is it possible to get either of the above done by exiting to the Oman border and re-entering UAE?

    I have an Indian passport.

  83. Hi Ryan,

    We are planning for a visit to Oman with my in-laws, we are having residence visa but my in-laws having visit visa.
    Is that possible for them to travel to Oman with UAE visit visa?

  84. Hi Ryan

    I’m traveling to Muscat on 2nd of dec for 4 days, my visa profession is Administrative Officer can I get the visa on Hatta border and I’m going to use my brother car to travel, is thr any problem if use my brother car if yes then what all document required

  85. Dear Ryan,

    I am a Indian passport holder and have UAE residence visa, sponsored by my Husband . By profession he is an advisor and we are planning to go to Oman for vacation by road, he often go to Oman for work so he can get visa on arrival but can I also get Oman visa on arrival/entry?

    kindly reply.


  86. Nishath Qaiser on December 6, 2015 @ 4:10 PM

    Hi Ryan,
    i am planing to next month visit to muscat
    now i am working in RAK.(Indian),my profession is Assistant Accountant and they are not allowing me to enter oman, is it ok with profession HR Executive to enter.
    Iam travelling through Kalba border, pl z replay

    • Good morning,

      Kindly contact the Oman embassy or border administration for an exact reply on your enquiry. Usually management position visas have clearance, but you will have to confirm that with the above mentioned authorities.


  87. Hi Ryan,

    Good morning.

    Just a question please. Im a Philippine passport holder. My contract with my employer as admin executive has been cancelled. I have 30 days grace period and then i must exit Dubai if i dont get a job within the grace period and Im planning to get a 90 days visit visa if i cant get a job within the grace period as my wife is on resident visa here. My questions are:

    1. Am i allowed to exit to Oman and wait for my wife to process my visit visa for Dubai?
    2. Do i need to get a visa for Oman as the visit visa for Dubai will likely take 3 days processing?
    3. Can my wife apply a 90 days visa for me?

    Thanks for any help :)

    • according to your statement : your contract & visa are canceled
      1. you will not get a “on arrival” visa for Oman.
      2. check with Oman embassy to see which kind of visa you are eligible for
      3. your wife can be your visit / residence visa sponsor, as long as she is currently employed and can afford the cost of the process. Check with General Directorate for Residency & Expatriates Affairs (Location is found here = http://ruwais.info/new-uae-visa-cost )

  88. How much does the Oman visa for cost? I have read it is AED 200 per person?
    At the border for Oman should you be honest that you are doing a visa run? I am taking my parents and wife who all have british passports and want to extend their 30 day tourist visa.

  89. Hai Ryan,
    Iam in UAE on leisure/single-long visa(visit) with 90 days period.Now my period is going to end and iam possibly going to get a new job in a couple of days.Is it possible for me to extend or renew my visa or should i go back to India

  90. Great article. One update (I did the trip today): The Oman border post is now 25km towards Sohar instead of half km.

    • Iam in UAE on leisure/single-long visa(visit) with 90 days period.Now my period is going to end and iam possibly going to get a new job in a couple of days.Is it possible for me to extend or renew my visa or should i go back to India

      • Only your employer can request that for you (visa change from tourist visa to work visa) if he doesn t want to spend money on your return (to uae) flight ticket.
        Please be informed that overstaying your tourist visa may result in a big fine.

    • You must have crossed through a different border point.
      You are welcome to compare your gps coordinates with mine.

  91. I have UAE residence until 2017 and sponsored my cousin from Ethiopia for a 30 days Tourist visa. Can he do the visa run in Oman? Since I did not see Ethiopia in the list. I was concerned. Please help.

    Thank You

  92. Hi Sir Ryan,
    I’ve heard rumors about expats with tourist visa cant be issued UAE visa (tourist) if you had gone exit Oman.
    What was confirmed was the news about Kish & Quesem.
    Is it true the boarder is not allowing expats with tourist visa to enter UAE?
    People are advising us to go South East Asia for exit.

    Thank you.

    • As far as i know visa runs will not work to extend your tourist visa.
      However, immigration regulations change frequently so i would advise asking the correct authority for a proper and updated answer.

      • Hi Ryan,

        Im slightly confused, isnt ur original article about extension to tourist visa? Did the rules change since then? Im on a 30days visa upon arrival, can i still do the oman visa run to extend my visa? Appreciate ur advise.. thanks

  93. Hi ,
    I m pakistani. I m on 90 days tourist visa and i got a job , the company has given me pink paper employement visa in original . i need to exit and re enter .
    can i go by car to kalba area and do visa run ??
    i hv UAE driving licnce with car .
    the other option is by air .
    but i find driving more cheaper .
    kindly advise .

    • I don t know kalba area

      But if you have the pink visa paper you can do the visa run ;) (by land or air)

    • Dear Ali

      hope you are well

      I am in similar situation

      Also holding a Pakistani Passport

      ( My Iqama Expired in 2015, I am on 90 day visit visa )

      I do have a car in D/L in Dubai

      kindly send me a whatsapp as I need to do my
      travel plans in a week;s time

      I am from Khi and just trying to get another visit visa
      (my job still not confirmed so no pink paper as yet)

      Muhammad Zia

      +971 56 69 76 876

  94. Hello

    I am going to do my visa run next week. Can someone advise me if the fees are still the same.
    From previous replies the Oman Entry visa was: 5 Omani Rial
    What about the UAE exit visa. ( how much does it cost)
    Thanks in advance.

    • 35 aed uae exit

    • Dear Angel

      hope you are well

      when are you planning to go for Exit /Entry stamp

      I am Muhammad Zia, also am planning a trip some times
      in next week

      I am staying in DSO, ( Silicon in Dubai)

      what about you

      text me if you like to join


      +971 56 69 76 876


  95. Salman Masud on April 23, 2016 @ 1:46 PM

    Hi Rayan,

    I changed my job and my family(wife and a Son) visa were cancelled, now my employer stamped my visa on passport and now I applied my family residence visa and i got the pink paper visa for family.

    Visa status change will cost me 1000 dhs for two members. so i was thinking to go for Oman visa run.

    My family is Turkish nationals and they exceed 3 days after 30 days grace period. is it possible for us to go Oman visa run?

    Please guide

  96. Can I exit from Hatta and then enter via Al Ain border? Planning a road trip and I have read you have to enter and exit via the same border? I’m a UK national and have residency. Thank you

  97. Hi All,

    Iv done visa runs a couple of times before i got my residency, but now Ive have heard recently that the they are no longer allowing visa runs through Oman border. Is this true ? I have residency, but my wife is coming to visit for a couple of months ( British Citizen).

    Has any one done one recently ? can anyone confirm this ?

  98. Hi ryan . This a special case .i am egyptian and i canceled my residence visa under the sponsership of myhusband and he dis the same .now i got the pink work visa . And my babies have american passports . Now can i go tohe borders with the babies and do the run with them as they will exit with their canceled visa and will enter with the stamp as touriest visa . Can i go out of the counttry with the pink paper ?

    • Hi Sally you cannot go to Broder with Egyptian passport even if you have permit to enter cuz Oman will not allowed for you to enter. Plz contact us and will do our best to help you www abudhabivisarun com

  99. I did a visa extension until July 3rd and now would like to go and do visa run at Oman border. But do I have a 10 day grace period with this extension or not. Does anyone have an idea. I was going to do it 3 days before the expiration day.
    Also are the borders open during Eid holidays.

  100. Hi Ryan,
    Next week, 1st week of July 2016 will be a long holiday in UAE and Oman. My daughter is in Buraimi right now and waiting for her new UAE Visit visa to come from travel agency.There will be no bus service from Oman-UAE (according to Travel Agency)from Jul 01- Jul 10. My question is, is it allowed for me to fetch her by car in the hotel in Buraimi if ever we receive the visa before the EID. By he way Im Filipino with Residence visa in UAE with higher category and allowed to enter/exit Oman. I read some post that I cannot just cross any UAE/Oman border by car. Buraimi is only for GCC residence. Can I enter the Mazyed border as UAE residence? How about going back to UAE, can I take my daughter with me to the Mazyed border, she will be coming back as tourist again. Going to Buraimi yesterday, the tourist bus passed thru Hatta border then circled towards Buraimi, she said. What are the Oman/UAE border that allowed visit visa entry to UAE. Thank you

  101. Keith Eratt on July 17, 2016 @ 12:31 PM

    good afternoon,
    I am currently on a visiting visa and wish to extend, I am a uk passport holder and wish to exit through oman boarder and re-enter,
    please could you let me know if this is still possible,


  102. Dear sir ,
    Me and my Wife like to go OMAN( RUWI) for 3 days visit by bus from Abudhabi, where i got bus & how much charge for bus tickets, and what is procedure for visa.

    Profession : computer Engineer
    Visa: Resident visa


  103. Hi Ryan,

    I’m Tal from USA. I did my last visa run from Abu Dhabi through Muscat airport 36 days ago as of today. If you don’t mind answering, I have the following questions please:

    1. Is visa-run to Oman (via Al Ain) still possible?
    2. Is it true that the border is further now (25 km instead of 1/2 km) ?
    3. Will I still be eligible for a 10 day grace period upon re-entering UAE from Oman?

    Thanking you,in advance, for you kind reply, I remain

    Kindest Regards,

  104. Hello Ryan,
    Hope you are doing good.

    A small query; i am an Indian passport holder with Qatar residents permit. I am planning to travel UAE by road coming weeks. So would like to visit Oman as well. So can i use same eVisa which is issued 1st time them exit to Oman using this border, and stay 2 to 3 days in oman them returned to UAE using same eVisa ? Or shall I request again for another eVisa to enter UAE? Can you please advise me steps what i have to do visit Oman from using Qatar residents.

    Awaiting for your prompt reply
    Thanks | Musheer

  105. Hello Ryan

    I am looking at doing a visa run with my wife. I have a UAE residency and we are waiting for her to start a new job before she has paperwork.
    We are looking at doing the Visa run through Mezyad border, Al Ain.
    I believe some of the rules have changed recently and you cannot take a rental car through. So my question is, is it feasible to go into the border control office and leave UAE/ enter Oman, and then leave Oman/ enter UAE in one go?
    Will this arouse suspicions from the border control authorities?
    Both on UK passports….

  106. Shinoj Kader on November 28, 2016 @ 6:05 PM

    Dear Sir,

    Can you advise my wife and children having visit visa of uae for one month and i want to change them to residence visa. We are planning to go to Oman by road and stay for three days .what are the requirements and visa fees to Oman for that.

  107. Mahmood Ali Mohammed on August 30, 2017 @ 8:46 AM

    Dear team
    I am holding Abu Dhabi residence visa and designation is INSURANCE CLERK. And holds Indian passport. As iam travelling to Oman from Abu Dhabi on short weekend. Can I get visa on arrival at boarder or do I need to pre apply for Oman visa. Kindly advise me.
    Thank you.

  108. Hello. . .ahmm is it needed to pay for oman visa??? Or what???

  109. Do i need to pay for the oman visa??

  110. i want to go to visit oman as my family their in oman

    i just 2 month back to abu dhabi
    how to get visa to enter oman by air

    please any one know friend can help me


    A K

  111. You can do it inside the country, no need to go to Oman any more. just google Dubai Visa Renewal. Available for Abu Dhabi also.

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  113. Very good written story. It will be supportive to everyone who usess it, as well as yours truly :
    ). Keep doing what you are doing – can’r wait to read more posts.


  1. First Border/Visa Run to Oman |

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