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Car Registration Renewal… with Covid-19 Updates

| Ruwais | August 4, 2020

Ruwais - Vehicle Registration & Insurance - GPS : N 24"05.802' E 52"44.791'

Ruwais – Vehicle Inspection Centre - Google Maps Link

As we continue to live on with Covid-19, the time will surely come when we need to renew the car registration. In the following article i will illustrate in 3 simple steps, how i managed to do this during Covid-19 “trying times”.

And now, without further ado…

Step 1: Get the car insurance

While this may be done in person at our Ruwais Mall – Tamm Center, i prefer a more convenient way and request quotations online from Afia or Yalla.

You can contact them directly on their websites and continue the car insurance discussions over email or WhatsApp.

Don’t forget to ask for a discount in case you did not have any claims in the past year(s) or you don’t need additional features on your insurance.

Volvo XC90 Insurance - Discounted Quote-page-2

Step 2: Get the car inspection

A few months ago, the car inspection was not required for the car registration renewal due to the Covid-19 panic. But now, with proper Health & Safety Measures, the service has been resumed and is, again, mandatory.

Since Google Maps failed to update this business’s schedule, i went to the inspection center, located behind Ruwais Mall, at 7 AM.

After looking at the poster and having called 800-300 > i can confirm that the schedule for the Ruwais Vehicle Inspection is from 10AM to 06PM.


If you need to call them directly, to ask for queue lenght or other details, their landline number is: 02-8766152

Here is a small gallery related to the inspection process

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Step 3: Pay for the car registration renewal service

For the final step you will need to visit the Abu Dhabi Police website : https://es.adpolice.gov.ae/ or use the MOI app; and select the “Renew Vehicle Registration” service.

Allthough the 350 AED renewal fee is standard, you can see the full list in this PDF file in case you have other requirements or curiosities.


And now, we wait for the delivery… while we share this on social media with friends, family and colleagues ;)


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4 Responses to “Car Registration Renewal… with Covid-19 Updates”

  1. Bhaskar Roy on August 4, 2020 @ 11:24 AM

    The information provided is really very helpful for me. Excellent!

  2. Muhammed Yasin on August 13, 2021 @ 1:31 PM

    Good day sir I want to know timing for ruwais vehicles inspection center timings and working days I visit on Thursday it was close.

    • Vehicle Inspection Center (behind Ruwais Mall) is open Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 06 pm.
      Friday, Saturday and on public holidays the VIC is closed.

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