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How to get an Alcoholic Drinks License in UAE

| Ruwais, UAE | March 4, 2014

This article is designed to be informative for all non-muslims living in the UAE. 

To apply for a free alcoholic drinks license you simply have to visit :  www.AUHSL.AE

alcoholic drinks license

UAE – Alcoholic Drinks License – Ruwais.info Example

Official preconditions state that you need to confirm : 

* I Agree to Terms And Conditions 
* I am a Non Muslim 
* My Age is Greater than 21

Once you have registered on the website, you need to prepare the following documents :

1. passport foto (.jpg format),
2. company letter in arabic (.pdf format),
3. passport front scan (.pdf format),
4. passport visa scan (.pdf format),
5. uae id front (.pdf format),
6. uae id back (.pdf format)

At the end of your application do not forget to mention to have your “alcoholic drinks license” delivered to a specific shop. You will be notified by sms when your license is ready to be personally collected from the liquor shop (that you have selected in the last stage of your application).

The closest alcohol shops around Ruwais area are : Cheers (next to Jebel Dhanna Hotel) and Spinneys (next to Royal Catering Camp)
As always, you are welcome to leave your observations or suggestions in the comment section below. You are also invited to share the article to your friends or acquaintances.

20 Responses to “How to get an Alcoholic Drinks License in UAE”

  1. Does the Spinneys have more than just drinks? Is it a food market, as well?

  2. Hello Benjamin:

    Would you please clarify a couple of points for me?

    1. What must the “Company Letter in Arabic” actually state?

    2. I have read that your Employer must also submit a “Non Objection Certificate” / letter as well. Is this correct?

    Thank you.



    • Hello Craig,

      1. The “Company letter in Arabic” is a standard salary letter from the hr department (i received mine from the financial dpt). You will be entitled to purchase alcoholic drinks worth 20% of your salary per month.

      2. If you are an expat (non-muslim) you do not need any other certificates. If you are a GCC native & non-muslim you will probably need a “non objection certificate”.


  3. I will be arriving to Ruwais in a weeks time to work & stay there.

    Thanks for the useful information. I would like to know if there is any price difference in alcoholic drinks in Abu Dhabi & Ruwais. Will it be cheaper to buy at Abu Dhabi or it is same. Are the prices regulated by government? Is there any concession if you have a license?


    • Hey Ashok,

      I did not notice any major price difference between Abu Dhabi and Ruwais. I would recommend asking the seller what is the week’s offer. (Usually beer, wine and whiskey are on offer every week).


      • Thanks a lot Ryan. I sincerely appreciate your immediate response. I hope to be in Ruwais a day after tomorrow. Although its not about alcohol, I would like to ask you another question. I am a long distance runner and am training myself now for 21kms (Half Marathon). Do advise me, in Ruwais where shall I find a good running track. I hate practicing on hard surfaces. Thanks in advance and Cheers…!!!

      • For fitness or training, you can go to the gym at the (old) recreation center or you can exercise in the (ruwais 2) park.

      • does Cheers serve food in Dharfa

      • Good rmorning Lean,

        The Cheers mentioned in this article is only an alcohol shop.
        You are welcome to try the nearby hotel restaurant for food.
        There is also a Korean restaurant in the area.


  4. Hai Mr. Ryan

    how can apply for Alcoholic Drinks License in UAE i am leaving in gayathi ruwais.
    and which documents are they need.

    • You can apply online on the mentioned website.
      The required documents list is also provided in the article.
      Please make an effort and read before asking.

  5. Mr Ryan
    I’m applying for liquor license
    But the portion for Emirates ID# wasn’t functioning
    Numbers are not appearing
    Maybe because I’m using a tablet?
    Or..I should be using laptop instead

  6. HI ,

    I am holding Sharjah visa, where shall I apply for a liquor license.
    Thank you,

  7. there is any fees for liquor permit license

  8. Can you please update which merchants are closest to Ruwais? The two listed above are not options on the application website and I am unsure which to choose. Thanks!

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