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Tawam from Etisalat – Dual Sim Cards Service

| Ruwais, UAE | September 14, 2014

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What is Tawam ?

The Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) has introduced a new product called Tawam, a dual SIM cards system that allows two mobile phones to operate with the same number.

Why  I need it ?

Mostly all people working at Ruwais industrial area are not allowed to carry phone with Camera and GPS, so most of people use very basic mobile while on duty. But all Ruwaisian are well educated and technically sound persons. They  have immense love for smartphones, so they keep smartphones also for off duty uses. This new feature is of particular benefit to subscribers that have two mobile phone such as a car phone of different models for work and home. Until now, they either needed two different numbers or had to swap the SIM card from phone to phone whenever they changed phones.

How I can tap benefit from this Technology ?

  1. Most users who use two mobile phones have to give both numbers to friends and relatives, but this will not solve your problem because they will not know which mobile number you are carrying at particular moments or you have to carry both mobile phones all the time….that is inconvenient. So with the help of tawam sim cards you can have the same number on both mobile phones so you will never miss any important call from anyone.
  2. When people join any company, they purchase a sim number that is enrolled with the company, government agencies and utility departments so that number is more important for you as government launch campaign named “Your Sim, your Identity”. So to access all smart government services you have to use that same number with your smartphone, but you cannot carry that smart mobile to duty !!!!!!

I will give you one example:

I am using Mawaqif  mobile parking service on my phone and I had enrolled to the service with my first ever sim card. So each time I am going to Abu dhabi, I have to carry the same mobile number to access the service. But that simcard is in my basic phone which I use while on duty !!! So I have to carry that basic mobile to Abu dhabi!!!! That sound  awful ..but I am using my Sygic (GPS Navigation App) on my smart phone so have to carry it also ?

I think you will find so many complications when using 2 sim numbers… But if you use Tawam you will never miss any phone calls from friends, relatives or from agencies. You will never miss any important message, announcement or One Time Password (OTP).

How can I subscribe it ?

Just visit Etisalat commercial office with a valid proof of Identity like UAE ID or Passport.

How much I have to pay ?

You have to pay 100 AED for 2 sim cards.

Can I retain my old number with this service ?

Yes. You can have your old number with this service. Just inform the officer on which number you want to avail this facility. Ensure that the same number is registered on your name only.

What I have to ensure before applying this service ?

  1. Please make a backup of all your contacts from your old sim card because after activation of TAWAM sim, your old SIM card will become inactive and you will lose contacts which were saved on the old sim card.
  2. Please check your basic mobile and smart mobile for what type of SIM card ? Nano Sim, Micro SIm or Normal SIM ? as per requirement – please carefully detach sim card from the case..
  3. Retain both service cards as it contain PIN and PUK number.

What is procedure to switch between sim cards ?

For simcard A :   *105*1#

For Simcard B :  *105*2#

To know the Profile/Handset ID   : **105#

To know which handset is active for receiving both calls & SMS : *#105#


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8 Responses to “Tawam from Etisalat – Dual Sim Cards Service”

  1. Muhammad Bilal Rafique on September 14, 2014 @ 10:34 PM

    wowwwww Great invention ,really amazing and very beneficent for Oil Field workers.Best of luck TAWAM users

  2. BIJIT SARMA on October 6, 2014 @ 6:41 AM

    There is one more advantage.

    We can call from SIM A to SIM B and vice vers but normal call charges do apply.

    It is particularly helpful when guest(from outside UAE) are at Ruwais and they can use the istandby/inactivated SIM(e.g. SIMB). So they can make call and SMS from that SIM B but can’t receive call n SMS. It can receive call from the Active SIM-A only.

    Try this.

  3. Mohanan P.K. on December 14, 2014 @ 6:43 PM

    I purchased the Tawam twin micro SIMs yesterday (on 13-12-2014) with same mobile number (the mobile number which is in use in my use for quite a long time). But when I purchased two micro-SIMs as Tawam package my existing normal SIM is de-activated and I am unable to use it now. Another thing is that I can receive and make calls from micro SIM A only. Micro-SIM B can only make calls, but not able to receive calls.

    Can some body help me? What I need to do, if I want to make and receive calls in both micro SIMs A and B, so that I can make and receive calls from my mobile, when one of my mobile is away from me.

    Please send your reply to this post.
    Best Regards
    Mohanan P.K.

    • Purchasing tawam twin sims => deactivates the old sim

      When using tawam sim A as primary, sim B will not be able to receive calls/sms. You can switch primary setting between sim A to sim B by dialing *105#

      Please read the article again to understand how the tawam twin sims work.

  4. Tawam Sim is no more available from Etisilat as per their feedback
    Now you have to take Multi Sim that will charge 25 DHS Per month.

    • Yes you are right. So disappointed. They even refused me to switch to nanosim. Said that its possible but you will have one simcard and if i want to have 2 (as im already availed the service ) then they will charge me 25 a month. Sorry etisalat but you are refusing to provide service im already subscribed to.

  5. Rudra bhadur karki on February 28, 2016 @ 12:38 AM

    I need to renewal the my Sim card hou can I renew I need to know

  6. thanks you very much as Etisalat remove the sim instruction from their web side,, here i fine very useful. to change the Sim for (receiving+ dialing) dial the *105# from Sim-B (the other SIM)

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