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Vehicle Registration Online Renewal

| Ruwais | June 26, 2016

Abu Dhabi eGovernment Gateway

Abu Dhabi eGovernment Gateway

The good old times when you could have done the Car Registration & Insurance in Ruwais are gone. I say that because, the police office inside the Car Registration & Insurrance building (GPS) has relocated to Ghayathi’s Tamm Center (GPS).

So, now, if you want to renew or register you car in our region you have 2 options :

  1. You can go to Ghayathi’s Tamm Center.

  2. You can apply online @ www.abudhabi.ae

I chose to apply online for my car registration and car insurance and here are the basic steps :

A. If your car is more than 3 years old, you will have to do the car inspection. Best / Nearest place to do that is at Car Registration & Insurrance building (GPS) .

B. Get car insurance. You can buy it by visiting an insurance office or their official website. I recommend insurancemarket.ae if you want to see the market prices. Also, remember to mention if you are an ADNOC staff, some companies offer discount to government employees.

C. Do the car registration online @ www.abudhabi.ae

My costs were :

Inspection = 120 AED (for sedan)

Insurance = 3800 AED (depends on car value + insurance benefits + previous year claims)

Registration = 128 AED (~2 months late registration + courier fee included)

If you think your friends may find the above mentioned information, don’t forget to share this article to them.

PS. My godfather successfully used the AD services app to renew his registration. You may want to try it also ;) mobile-government-abu-dhabi-services-app


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10 Responses to “Vehicle Registration Online Renewal”

  1. Gurusamy SP on July 2, 2016 @ 11:09 AM

    There is also another option – Automated vending machines (Sahel machines) are installed in major malls in Abu Dhabi, where you can renew the registration and get the new registration card within few minutes. I have used this facility recently using the Sahel machine in Abu Dhabi mall. Please note that the inspection and insurance must be completed before using this service.

    • That s convenient and quick, if you live in Abu Dhabi. I have not seen that type of machine in the Ruwais Mall, or maybe it wasn’t properly marked out.
      Still it’s always good to have options. Thanks for sharing.

      PS. I am waiting for the Emirates Post courier to deliver it today (since Thursday i was away). So in my case, the registration card could have been in my hands after 3 working days.

  2. Can I also transfer registration using the online service? Including getting delivery of new number plates?

    • yes, in the Vehicles Registration services section you have :
      Vehicle Registration Transfer

      and in Vehicles Plates section, you have
      Vehicle Plates Reservation and Issuance

      call or send an email to confirm if the new plates can be delivered by courier
      E-mail: [email protected]
      Phone: 800 5000

  3. Abigail Crow on March 30, 2019 @ 2:17 PM

    We just purchased a vehicle in Dubai. They are delivering it on a flatbed tonight to our house in Ruwais. Is there a way we can get it transferred/registered in Ruwais or somewhere closer than Abu Dhabi? We already have insurance on it and the transfer docs from the dealer. Is it possible to register it online and have plates delivered by a courier?

    • If you want to do the registration online you may use the a.d. police website, since you already have all the car documents (once the car sale was completed)
      If you wait until tomorrow, you should be able to do the whole process at the mall (opposite of the food court).

  4. It’s 10th Dec. Is the vehicle registration office (Ruwais mall) still running?

  5. First of all, Thank you very much for your prompt answer.

    ( I’m a stranger in Ruwais and the UAE……)

    May I ask you additonal advice?
    (Although I asked my coworkers around me, there was nobody knew that well….)

    Actually, I am about to buy my coworker’s car(2017 model).

    1. Should I take the vehicle inspection?
    (As far as I know, a car less than 3 years don’t have to take the inspection)

    2. In buying a used car, is it mandatory to be issued and attach a new number plate?

    3. In the Ruwais Mall, can all the pcocesses(insurance, registration) be processed at a time(including inspection(if needed))?

    4. Does the weekday mean ‘Sun-Thu’?

    5. Could you offer the contact number of the vehicle office(if you have)?
    (I googled but failed to find the office’s number)

    • 1. since it’s not mandatory, it is really up to you and the level of trust in your coworker. however, during my last inspection i was required to have (or purchase) a fire extinguisher.
      2. no, the (old) number can be kept with the car (during ownership transfer).
      3. yes. please note that the vehicle inspection center is behind the ruwais mall
      4. yes.
      5. since they operate under “adnoc distribution” you can call 800 300

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