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RHC Emergency Phone Numbers

| Ruwais, UAE | November 18, 2013

Some of our readers have asked me to double check the emergency phone numbers.

Here are the Updates: (the sidebar infobox has also been updated)

UAE Emergency Numbers:

Police  999
Ambulance  999
Civil Defense  999

If you call 999 from RHC : Our Emergency calls are directed to Tarif office -> once Tarif has identified the type of emergency -> they will call the exact Ruwais department to handle the situation.

If you want to call directly to Ruwais, use the following numbers : (Continue Reading)

Ruwais Emergency Numbers:

Police Ruwais Station 02-8054011
Ambulance Ruwais Hospital  02-6020551 – 026020550
Civil Defense Ruwais 02-8775222


Ruwais Hospital  02-6020603 – 02-6020614
RHD Maint. Complain 02-6027871
RHD Security 02-6027753


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2 Responses to “RHC Emergency Phone Numbers”

  1. We are trying to contact the person concerned with public relations and patient case management at Ruwais Hospital(case managers)
    We are a HomeCare Company from Al Ain and would like come and promote our services to your patients who need long term care at home

    Awaiting your reply

    Simi Racolo
    Q&A Supervisor
    Sama Al Ain HomeCare Center

    • Dear Simi,

      Just call the Ruwais Hospital and ask to speak with administrator or manager. That is the best way to get exact information for your services proposal .


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RHC Phone Numbers

  • UAE Emergency
    All Emergencies : 999
  • Ruwais Emergency
    Police : 02-8081000
    Ambulance : 02-6020550
    Civil Defense : 02-8775222
  • Services
    Ruwais Hospital : 02-6020614
    Maintenance Request : 02-6027871
    Security Office : 02-6027753

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