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Online retailers that deliver to Ruwais

| Ruwais | January 20, 2019

Let’s assume you enjoy online shopping and want delivery to your Ruwais address. If you read on, you will discover information that will surely put a smile on your face.


I have compiled a list of online retailers, that i have personally ordered from and have requested for delivery in Ruwais. Here are my findings :

Just to be clear, Ruwais is still considered ODA (Out of Delivery Area) for online retailers (like souq.com using QExpress courier). However, I will tell you a way to have your orders delivered to Ruwais.

Also, always remember to look for alternate online stores, you may even find the item you are looking for at a lower price.

I will start with retailers that have free  delivery to Ruwais :

  • noon.com – free delivery if your order is more than 100 AED
  • letstango.com – free delivery if your order is more than 200 AED
  • jumbo.ae – free delivery (no minimum order required at the time of writing)
  • sharafdg.com – free delivery on orders above 99 AED
  • aceuae.com – free delivery on orders aboce 99 AED
    • Plugins / Marks&Spencer / Homezoneme – should also work
  • mumzworld.com – free delivery on oders above 100 AED
  • luluwebstore.com – free delivery if you order big items (fridges, washing machines, etc)
  • carrefouruae.com – free delivery on orders above 100 AED
  • brandsforless.com – free shipping on orders above AED 250.00
  • sprii.com – free delivery (no minimum order required at the time of writing)
  • victoriassecret.ae – free delivery (for orders above 99 aed)

Below are the retailers that charge for delivery to Ruwais:

Souq is now Amazon.ae… but it’s not good news

  • amazon.com / amazon.co.uk / amazon.fr / amazon.de – minimum delivery charges range from 8-9$, but remember that international shipping now will include customs fee.
  • dressinn.com – minimum delivery charges range from 25 AED, but (again) remember that international shipping now will include customs fee
  • iHerb.com – 4$ delivery charges apply unless you total order is above 40$

And a few stores that still do not deliver to Ruwais :

  • axiomtelecom.com
  • kabul.ae
  • dubizar.com

PS. If you find a retailer that refuses to deliver to Ruwais and there is not alternate store that sells the desired item, you could try to setup a shopandship.com account. You will get a Dubai address, and then Aramex will deliver it to Ruwais for a fee.


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26 Responses to “Online retailers that deliver to Ruwais”

  1. Markus Lorkowski on January 20, 2019 @ 7:05 AM

    Hi, with Souq.com I try it my self several times but you even not can set up an Adrees in Ruwais on their homepage edosnt matter which delivery you choose.

  2. Markus Lorkowski on January 20, 2019 @ 7:22 AM

    Also with Aramex i had several Times Problems. I know Aramex is not an retailer but you mentioned here also.
    It is a fact that I see daily delivery Cars from Aramex with Letter and Box shiping inside.
    But serveral times I should get delivered something through Aramex here in Ruwais but need to pic it up in Abu Dhabi.
    I called them much times, one says only domestic will deliver to Ruwais the other one says only International and a third one says to me will be delivered only to Ruwais if the sender have an account wit Aramex.
    Till I spoke to the higher Mangement, They told me will be only processed to Ruwais if the sender willing to pay an extra Fee because Ruwais is so far. I told them that I tryed my self on there Homepage and there was no extra Cost mentioned because it is in the same Emirate.
    Unfortunately I not get any further response.
    Where they make delivery without extra Cost for there costumer is only the Banks which are located here in Ruwais.

    • Markus. I mentioned shopandship.com account : they are basically an international freight forwarding address service which you can also use inside UAE. Simply use the shopandship.com Dubai address details (for your account) and Aramex will re-deliver items to your Ruwais home address. Aramex owns shopandship.com. Aramex delivers to Ruwais almost daily.

      As far as souq.com goes : Please read again the mentions i have made in the article and the follow-up comments to you and Gina.

  3. Souq does not deliver to Ruwais. They deliver your order to QExpress in Mussafah where you collect it. I had a very good experience when I collected my order there.

    DesertCart delivers to Ruwais but only on Mondays

  4. Add https://www.erosdigitalhome.ae/ also (authorised suppliers of Samsung mobiles phones).
    Delivery was free for my order (think free delivery above 100 AED),
    But delivery time is like Minimun3-5 Days.

  5. Hi Ryan,

    Carrefouruae website does not include Ruwais in the delivery areas covered. Have u been able to get delivery from them?

  6. Hi Rian!
    Can you please post me the procedures for ordering in Sprii (for delivery to Ruwais) as you did for Amazon- http://ruwais.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/amazon.com-UAE-address-setup.png .
    Otherwise you can just inform me of the procedures in comment or through my email.
    Thanks a lot.

    • City : Abu Dhabi
      Area : Ruwais
      Street Name/No. : E11
      Building Name/No. : BG 153 + AP #

      That’s all i did to setup the sprii delivery address

  7. Hi Ryan, Sharaf DG does not deliver in Ruwais. I carefully read each areas in Abu Dhabi which they ship to, sadly Ruwais is not included.

    • My most recent Sharaf DG UAE order was from January 6, 2018. It was delivered to my door step. If ruwais area is not included, simpy select Others and write Ruwais in the address details.

      Order #W941865
      LG Kompressor Vacuum Cleaner VK5320NNT : AED 324
      Shipping: AED 10 via Home Delivery

      Shipping address
      RIAN O
      RUWAIS 4, BG 153, AP 0x0x
      Abu Dhabi

  8. After Souq changed to Amazon.ae, there is no option for “OTHERS” for updating the address.
    Any update on that ??

  9. Do fedex have delivery to ruwais?

  10. does newegg ship to ruwais ??
    important question please do reply fast

  11. Hi ryan, is carrefour still delivering in ruwais via aramex

  12. hey does brands for less still deliver to ruwais , the site overall looks kinda sketchy
    so i just wanted to confirm :)

  13. does H&M deliver to ruwais??

  14. Amazon doesn’t deliver to Ruwais anymore right? It used to before but now, I can’t seem to find any option to add my area/district..Ruwais is not included nor is Adnoc Housing Complex..

    • It’s an ongoing lottery.
      If your package is picked up by qexpress you won’t get it.
      However, if the package is in the hands of a third party courier, your chances of receiving it in Ruwais has increased dramatically.

  15. today i ordered from https://www.luxyhijab.com and im not sure if they deliver to ruwais.
    anyone tried before?

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