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Online shopping solutions for Ruwais

| Ruwais, UAE | September 16, 2014

If you are living in Ruwais and you love online shopping, you will have a hard time getting your packages delivered to your door step. For example souq.com, Carrefouruae.com or SharafDG.com will not ship to Ruwais, because it is very far from Abu Dhabi (roughly 200 km+). But that is not going to stop us.

In order to take advantage of the online deals you have 3 choices:

1. Signup for Shop and Ship service from Aramex. Through this service you can get packages delivered to Ruwais from all over the world at an additional cost. Charges depend from where you get your package delivered from (USA, Europe, China, India, UAE) and how much the package weighs. I strongly do not recommend this when buying heavy home electronics (TV, fridges, washing machines)

2. Drive to Abu Dhabi to personally collect your packages from the couriers’ office. Here are a couple of courier offices where you can collect your online shopping packages.

This is the Aramex new office (on the old airport road / in the al jazira stadium area)


Aramex – Abu Dhabi – Old Airport Road – GPS : N 24*27’06.1″ E 054*23’19.4″

This is the Q-Express office in Mussafah.


Q-Express – Mussafah – GPS : N 24″21’58.4″ E 054*31’17.3″

 3. Shop exclusively from Landmark Group shops (Emax, Baby Shop, Splash…)  and Lulu webstore. They deliver to Ruwais residents, because these companies have stores inside Ruwais Mall.

4. Chose any other Online Retailers that deliver to Ruwais.

Now… it’s up to you to choose an option that best fits your needs. Do not forget to share this with your friends. You may be helping others get merchandise a lot faster and more convenient.

And if you have more solutions, please tell us in the comment section below ;)

11 Responses to “Online shopping solutions for Ruwais”

  1. As Ruwais housing is comprised of adnoc group
    It would be appreciable that these items bought from UAE online stores to be delivered to our head offices in abudhabi and from there thru internal mail to be delivered to the addressee
    These items should be delivered to recreation centre and should be collected upon showing I’d and order form with Min charges.
    This will motivate ruwaisi to buy more online

    • The internal mail transport is for documents transport, not for delivering heavy shipments.
      It would be a great service if our companies would provide for its employees heavy transportation from the capital to Ruwais.

  2. Does shopandship.com deliver to ruwais. Can you confirm that through personal experience.
    I have just ordered a few things from USA and given Ruwais Address. Let’s see if they reach here or not.If they do deliver here, I will confirm it.

    • yes… i can confirm with my 30+ orders from amazon.com
      shopandship will provide you with freight addresses (those addresses will forward your packages to Ruwais… for a small fee of course)

      • Thanks, my order from amazon via shopandship has reached abu dhabi. Waiting for its arrival. If this turns out to be the way that you say it is, than infact it is easier, simpler and cheaper to buy from amazon.com for people of ruwais.

        Shopandship.com just charges 43 dirhams for all objects under 1kg and 77 dirhams for objects from 1-2 kg. So for lighter products this is an absolute bargain.

        I order 8 things from amazon, grouped them together and the total shipping cost was just 77 dirhams.

      • it is cheap and convenient if you order light items

        also read the forbidden items list

  3. Well if buying from Amazon u don’t need to register anyways
    Its delivered to Ruwais n proven

  4. Is there no DHL service in Ruwais? Because usually I use its service to buy online?

  5. Do anyone knows where to find shop that can repair or replace damaged wheel on luggage? It seemed after dragging my luggage for quite a distance (came back from international flight), one of these wheels is damaged….


  1. Amazon.com shopping with Ruwais delivery

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