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Ruwais Mall Official Opening Day

| Ruwais | December 22, 2013

Ruwais Mall

    After today’s meeting between Ruwais Housing Division managers and representatives of Line Investments and Engineering Consultants Group, the final opening date has been reconfirmed for the Ruwais Shopping Mall. We, the Ruwais.info website developers, are proud to be the first to tell you that the long wait is over.

    Before we announce the exact opening day, we want to mention that in the beginning only Lulu Hypermarket and another 17 shops will open. As presented in the Ruwais Shopping Mall – Shops Layout article there are more than 17 shops in the Ruwais Mall. The remaining shops will open as soon as they are ready with everything (equipment, decorations, furniture, official documents, etc).

    If you are ready to know the date, please continue to read ->

Edit 1/23/2014 : Please read the new Opening Date article


Original article is below :

    The following statement is part of the official letter sent to Ruwais Housing Division :

We are glad to inform you that the Ruwais Shopping Mall will be ready and schedule to open to public on 25th of January 2014.

    Yes, this is the official and final date. The constructors and engineering consultants have reconfirmed that 25th of January 2014 is the date of the Ruwais Mall Opening Day. Please remember that not all the shops are ready, but when all of them are ready to open their doors – a grand celebration will be scheduled.

Ruwais Mall

   Now that you know the date, you may want to share this news with all your friends. Of course, do not forget to clear your schedule for the Ruwais Mall opening day.

   Ruwais.info developers wish you : Happy shopping ;) 

   As always, we welcome your feedback in the comment section below, or in the contact page.


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35 Responses to “Ruwais Mall Official Opening Day”

  1. Finaly! Thank you for this Information!

  2. Yay! Finally only one month to go! Thanks for the great news!

  3. Good luck ruwais mall and more power to ruwais housing managers.we salute you for giving us the more convenient life here in ruwais.

  4. thanku so much for uploading the opening date,…finally thankGOD……
    1 months to go…yayyyy

  5. Huhhh tnx God its opening.by d way thanx for mall bcz hre wx nthng special for ladies.thanx to mangmint.shopping n ladies hurrrrra..

  6. Hi every body .. we girls need i beauty shop .. Pleas ryan .. We are dying here in ruwais

    • Hey um seef,
      Please remember that there are still available spaces for rent. You are more than welcome to contact one of your favorite beauty brands from Abu Dhabi or Dubai to open a branch in Ruwais Mall ;).
      Ryan ;)

  7. Ryan can u tell me the no. to ask for the shop enquires for buying

  8. Hi I suggest we need Optical shops as well, as we can’t find anywhere here in Ruwais.

  9. Just heard that mall opening date is now 29 jan. How true is this news

  10. http://www.thenational.ae/uae/dream-come-true-for-ruwais-residents-as-long-awaited-mall-opens

    • The article in the National was created with the ruwais.info help.
      The author has been contacted to double-check his date. Our official sources clearly mention 25 as opening day.
      Once we receive a reply i will update ;)

  11. so there is no actual ceremony on the 25th? it will just be open..? and the ceremony would be when all shops open?

  12. Will the Cinema be open?

  13. May I be a official promoter of ruwais

  14. The mall will be open on wednesday the 29. Lulu, Cinema, bowling and centerpoint and funville ( fun city)

  15. damynfu B. Dato on on January 30, 2014 @ 12:18 PM

    thank you very much for this idea to establish the mall in this place…

  16. I was wondering if there is a date for the food court to be open in the mall or any of the restaurants?

  17. I dont want to put a dark cloud over the new ruwais mall but ruwais is lacking in many things like shops, resturaunts, and any such entertaining things to do. If adnoc is so concerned about its workers then surley Ruwais should to date be a small thriving area. Not much to do in Ruwais and its not looking very good for the future either. If one Shopping mall is getting everyone excited then they seem to have a very boring life indeed. Ruwais needs an injection of live not just one mall, but thats the opinion of many people here that ive spoke to so lets try and get more of a life here at Ruwais especially for all our wifes who cant get employment and the children who need some sort of stimulation

  18. @braveheart u mst start making life from your own house wth your family, I dnt think Ruwais is boring at all, the place is too small now nd I think adnoc is trying their best to make the place comfortable and so many people r happy for our new mall.if u want to have more fun I think Dubai nd abu dhabi is the place for u.Ruwais is where u get a peace of mind nd unite with your family..

  19. what is the monthly rent of the shop in Ruwais mall? Anyone know aout the procedure to start something over there ?

  20. Dear Brothers and sisters.

    Can you help me to find an family room or studio for me and my family as we are moving to Ruwais by next month. i really need your help guys.

    please if you can call me in this number 050 228 4467.


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