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Ruwais Shopping Mall – Update – Shops Layout

| Ruwais | October 22, 2013

    In our first post about Ruwais Shopping Mall : we had mentioned what are the names of the shops that we will find inside the mall.

    On this update we will present you the layout (placement order) of the shops, starting from the Ground Floor and continuing with the First Floor.

Ruwais Mall - Ground Floor

Ruwais Mall – Ground Floor

Click on the image to expand or zoom in ;)

Ruwais Mall - First Floor

Ruwais Mall – First Floor

Click on the image to expand or zoom in ;)


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40 Responses to “Ruwais Shopping Mall – Update – Shops Layout”

  1. it Seems we will never have a good food in this city.

  2. I know this is too much but any of them (most of them lol) would be great to have in the mall. Please forward this. we need virgin mega stores, aramex, ansari exchange, mc donalds, samsung, pink berry, sharaf dg. Thank you

  3. thanks a lot mr ryan..this information is most useful, insya Allah end december i’m going to ruwais for join with one of the adnoc companies group, i need more again information from you about ruwais and life there.

    • You are welcome. Life in Ruwais will be described on this website in the comming articles. But the best way to know how it really is here, you must experience it ;). Good luck to you.

  4. I think.. Sharaf DG, or Plug ins should be there… Any furniture provider, like home r us..etc

  5. hi Mr Ryan, I think the management @ the mall must also give the women in Ruwais a chance to work in the mall because we jst sitting doing nothing and some of us have experience and we staying in ruwais fulltime.

    • If you are interested to get a job inside Ruwais Mall, just leave your CV’s in Mall Customer Service (information counter). Mostly, the tenants (in-charge) used to ask for any candidates. They’re usually looking for a sales staff. This is for your information only.

  6. Masooma kamran on December 17, 2013 @ 6:21 PM

    when the Ruwais Shopping Mall is getting open?
    please tell

  7. I agree with fatima. You couldve brought virgin megastore etc. Plus you couldve brought other sport shops like nike and rage because here people are also skaters and they also use bmx and when someone has a professional bmx and something is wrong with it the normal bicycle shops cant fix it since they dont have the materials. Some people love nike instead of adidas. If these 2 shops can be available here that would be great.

    • I visited Ruwais Mall and My dad is one of the architects nd MY NAME IS ELDHO BABU ,….. ITS A FREAT MAALL N YEAH I AGREE WITH U FATMA COZ without virgin megastores etc…..a mall wont be a mall n my dad is asking for any space in the mall …..to open a shop ..COULD U PLZZ TELL THE NO. TO CALL.n im BORN HERE N RUWAIS MALL IS MY DREAM!!!! :)


  9. Vanilla Bun23 on March 28, 2014 @ 1:09 PM

    No Starbucks?
    No Mconalds?
    No Stakehouse?
    Oh man!!!! =-(

  10. Its good advances, all the best.

    Yet, i wished we had Carrefour, LULU standards put the mall down.

  11. All good movies are after 8/9PM which is not suitable to us as we need to sleep early at night.

  12. My family will apprecite a Nandos and a Student Biryani restaurents in the Ruwais mall

  13. Dear Sir,

    We are looking for a shop in the ground floor in the Ruwais Housing Complex or any newly come up Trade Area for Electronics & Home Appliances of world’s reputed brands.Kindly advise if you have any such shops available and details about its size, annual rent etc..

    Best regards – Girish – 050-5661279

  14. Can I get the contact number of the perfume store in the ground floor?? I bought a perfume today from there and its lid is jammed.. will there b a replacement for this defective piece

  15. Is there any barbershop in Ruwais mall?

  16. Hi Ryan ,is there any shops selling watches/jewelry accessories, thank you in advance for kind assistance!

  17. To get a kiosk for watches whom should i contact?

  18. I would like to open a small mobile accessories outlet inside Ruwais Mall.

    Can please give me clear picture for the procedure…???

  19. Hi , where can i find a good GYM in Ruwais near Ruwais mall or Ghayathi ?


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