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Why the lockdown… will continue

| Ruwais | June 21, 2020


Following up on the The bright side of Covid-19 comments on social media, which i absolutely loved to engage in, it’s time that i stated the obvious:

The lockdown in Ruwais… will continue, and there is little you can do.

As i have been saying, for the hundredth time, you need to ask your line manager to convey your opinion about the lockdown to the leaders of Ruwais. Posting ellaborate, logical or emotional messages on social media will have less of an effect, as opposed to actually talking to your superior and voicing out your concerns, feelings or needs. Why haven’t you done this already ?

While you think about that, here are the top 5 reasons why this situation will continue:

  1. They know you cannot do better now. You may get a better job, with more benefits and guaranteed bonus in a year, or two, or three. But for now, you will have to make do with what Ruwais is offering and withholding at the same time.

  2. They know you will not quit. Maybe you have financial commitments that you want to see through, or maybe you need the peace of mind that a “steady paycheck” brings you during the current world situation. As an adult, you know it’s better to tough it out and have a salary, rather than being your own boss and draining your (own) savings account.

  3. They will focus on ensuring “business continuity”.  The Oil & Energy sector is vital to the UAE economy now more than ever. And due to it’s critical importance, decisions will be made for the good of the company.

  4. They have created a dedicated online e-permit website. There would be no use for it, if the lockdown would end in a few weeks. There would be no need to invest the dedicated IT manpower, hardware and knowledge for a website, if  the lockdown is almost done.

  5. You litterally cannot leave right away. Currently you need to apply for 2-3 permits, take a covid test, get a negative result, request and receive ICA permission to leave, and pay a ridiculous amount of money for the next available flight out to your desired destination, if IATA, WHO and other organisations say you can.

You are more than welcome to give more reasons also.  You are more than welcome to debate every item on the list. You are encouranged to speak up.

No doubt, it will make you angry. But you know, deep down, that a little part of you agrees with me.


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10 Responses to “Why the lockdown… will continue”

  1. we need to understand the characteristics of Ruwais. when I visited here at the first time, I realized this is not a normal city or village. Ruwais is a compound for ADNOC.
    all the entry ways have security system. it is designed for limited access. it has not been functional before COVID19. it could be activated at anytime with specific reason or issue.

    Yes, we are in uncomfortable situation. no one know the future for COVID.
    We need intentionally positive approach.
    when we say ‘risk’ it has 2 aspect. they are known risk and unknown risk.
    I humbly think we have to consider the unknown risk of COVID.
    It need more conservative consideration.

    I really really like to swim in the pool of recreation center. but I also know I had spend 4 years training to swim in deep pool.
    4 months lockdown might be just a beginning of something.

    • The confusion is created from the begining, when recruiters advertise Ruwais as a city ;) to attract candidates, single or married.

      Security cameras are in all major turn-arounds, as well as entry/exit checkpoints. This can create a feeling of extra protection since there is a “big-brother” watching over.

      The HSE saying “Safety first” is clearly taken into consideration, but the decision to extend the lockdown has many other factors also.

      • I heard from a local friend. lockdown would be finished on 27 June. it is 90%.
        it can be changed again but not so long.
        recently, security gate No.1 is not strictly checking.

        some changes are expected…

      • The National Sterilization Programme has ended, and with that we have higher hopes of going back to normal.
        Let’s see what news will come next week.

  2. @Ryan Your numbers #1 & #2 are what’s known as “projection”. Maybe YOU “can’t do better”…..Maybe they know YOU “won’t quit.” There are people resigning daily, and I know several personally. They got another job..They got they the flight….they got the permit. No problems. GONE.

    • They are the happy few. They are the exception to the rule. They are insignificant as a percentage, otherwise we would be hearing good news about July.

  3. I am sure if you could have done better you would have left way before Covid-19 went into effect

  4. Is Ruwais Still in LockDown ? No Access In Or Out ?

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