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Ruwais Mall 1st Year Aniversary

| Ruwais | January 29, 2015

365 days ago www.Ruwais.info website was announcing the opening day of Ruwais Mall.
The Ruwais Mall comments, feedback and emails represent almost 50% of our website’s 1st year activity. It is clear that the Ruwais Mall topic is of high interest to the people living in the Al Gharbia region. Here is the follow up article and the announcement of the 1st Year Anniversary of Ruwais Mall.


Ruwais Mall will have the 1st anniversary show on the 29th Janurary between 7PM and 9PM.

To celebrate the 1st year of Ruwais Mall, we will sum up all the stores inside Ruwais Mall. We will provide a photo gallery, contact numbers, as well as helpful additional information. Enjoy and share this information with your friends.

With some minor modifications, the original shops locations have been kept as mentioned in our Ruwais Mall Shops Layout article. We are mainly talking about the new Lulu Connect Shop at first floor, and the Starbucks coffee shop at ground floor.

If you need general information about any store, job openings or general management in the Ruwais Mall, you may contact the front desk at this number: 02 876 33 44. You can also send them an email to their customer service representative electronic inbox address: csr@ruwaismall.ae

Here is a shortlist of contact numbers from Ruwais Mall Shops that you may need fast :

Restaurants (Home Delivery)

  • Royal Tandoor – 02 876 1102 / 02 876 1103
  • KFC : 600 52 22 52 (Mention Ruwais Mall Branch)
  • Pizza Hut : 600 56 9999 (Mention Ruwais Mall Branch)
  • Burger Hut : 02 87 666 76
  • Kawloon : 02-87 660 61 / 055-8373448
  • Spice Lounge : 02-876 66 33 / 055 1006714
  • Hatam : 055-4002721
  • Rozanah : 02 496 3413 / 050 611 2919

Bowling & Billiards Center : 055 99 16 983 (ALI)

Ladies Salon : 02-8766617 / 02-8766618

Taxis (Emirates Taxi) : 056 965 6231 (HAMID) / 055 304 1728 (SAIFUL)

Onwards with the shops photo gallery of Ruwais Mall. These are the shops that are now open at the 1st Year Anniversary .

Happy birthday Ruwais Mall. Thank you for giving us variety and entertainment in our remote industrial area. We look forward to your 2015 season’s discounts, shows and other surprises.

7 Responses to “Ruwais Mall 1st Year Aniversary”

  1. wow! this is a great effort.
    thank you for posting all this info.
    how can someone contribute to this website?


    • Good afternoon,

      Feel free to contact me regarding any article discussions.
      If you have writing skills you can be given author access to the website.


      • lovelle facinabao on April 6, 2015 @ 8:55 PM

        Marhaaba Sir,

        I am Lovelle C. Facinabao, 29 and a Filipina.. currently living in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi.
        I would like to ask if there is any job vacancies in any shops in Al Ruwais Mall.
        I have my own visa. I will appreciate more if I receive a reply from you regardling to this email.
        Thank you so much.

      • Hi Lovelle,

        For job inquiries or cv forwarding please see the above mentioned email and contact number.


  2. Guys,

    This is the official website of Ruwais Mall.


    You can get all the information that you need like name of the shops and contacts nos. for all the existing shops.


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