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Ruwais Internal Buses

| Ruwais | February 6, 2014

For updated Ruwais Bus routes and timings > read > http://ruwais.info/ruwais-bus-network/

This article will provide information about the Ruwais Internal Bus system, schedule and routes.

The Ruwais Internal Buses provide public transportation on the main roads of Ruwais #1, Ruwais #2, Ruwais #3 and Ruwais #4. Due to ongoing road works, certain routes may be temporarily changed, but they will not divert much from the main roads.

There are 2 buses for each area : A & B. The following picture is of Bus A for Ruwais #2.


Ruwais #2A Bus – Internal Duty

To find out the working schedule of the busses (and much more) please continue to read.

The first buses that will drive around Ruwais will start at 8:00 AM. They will do their routes and travel back to their starting point in about 30 minutes. In other words” every 30 minutes a bus will start from the Main Bus Station and will continue to go through its’ designated area to pickup possible travelers. Since Ruwais Hospital and Ruwais Mall are important destinations to all of us, they have been added to the routes of ALL busses.

Between 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM there will be a break. During this period, there will be no internal bus roaming within Ruwais Housing Complex.

The last hour when you can get on the internal bus will be at 11:00 PM. At 11:30 PM all the busses should be parked near the main bus station and the civil defense area.

For complaints about the internal bus transportation you are recommended to call the Ruwais Security Office : 02-6027753. For any other matters, the contact number of the Ruwais Transport Officer is : 02-6027833.

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Happy travelling ;)

24 Responses to “Ruwais Internal Buses”

  1. why not Ruwais 4?

    • According to my discussion (in English) with the Ruwais Transport Officer, Ruwais #4 is considered as “under construction”.
      Any buses that may divert to that area are not yet “official”.

      • some part of it is under construction but most of it is populated and it should have been connected too.

      • Please clarify with the Ruwais Transport Officer : 02-6027833.
        I am happy to update the article in case of any misunderstanding.

    • I have personally seen a Ruwais #4 B bus.
      Article has been updated.

  2. Where can we catch the buses? Anywhere on the main roads? I am wondering if the buses just run continuously so that it wouldn’t matter which direction you caught it, or if they go park for a while after each route.

    Very nice site, by the way, much needed.

  3. Marit West on April 14, 2014 @ 7:23 AM

    Is there a map of Ruwais with the bus stops and route on it?

  4. Which roads are considered as ‘Main roads’

  5. At 8:20pm of 24 July 2014, as I was waiting for the internal bus at emirates market parking lot. When I was looking and confirming the number of the bus that was coming, the Bus 3A driver drove fast near to my place and then turn to other side, I was almost fall down because I was unaware of the driver action of his driving and when I saw the driver and his friend are laughing. When I confronted them they did not apologized but says that they only joking.

    This kind of behavior of this driver must undergo to psychiatrist and not allowed to drive in this community because his playing the life of the passenger.

    • Dear Edwin,
      The incident that you have shared with us is extremely serious.
      I recommend that you make a complaint about this as soon as possible.

      “For complaints about the internal bus transportation you are recommended to call the Ruwais Security Office : 02-6027753. For any other matters, the contact number of the Ruwais Transport Officer is : 02-6027833″

      For a personal meeting with the Transport Officer you can find his office after Avis Rental office (behind the main bus station waiting room).


  6. Dears,

    Does the ruwais internal bus in free? If not, how much is the fare?

    Please advise.

    Thanks and Regards,


  7. Hi. Can you please update the bus’ timings? Because it gets messy since it is not consistent anymore. Before, the bus used to pass by around 10-15 minutes after each time but now we’re under the sun for so long but no buses arrived or if they do, not on the usual time anymore.

  8. Dear Ryan first off I would really appricate your effort in addressing almost everyone’s comment and inquiries. So then I also have one. My sister just relocated to ruwis mall fro. Her company” Aldo” abu dhabi mall brunch, I was so frustrated and still am since the suburb is way way far from abu dhabi. Besides I haven’t even heard of it before ever since. My question is I don’t think I understood the bus system and the bus break time. See I am planning to visit her every now and then but the problem I happen not to have a car. To sum up…do you think she can manage to Seattle in ruwis just for a couple of months.

    Thank you very much…

    • I know that Aldo has sharing type accommodation in Ghayathi, arranged by her company : Apparel llc.
      For any other accommodation arrangements she will need to contact her company hr or a private local realtor agency.

  9. Mrs husnain on July 6, 2019 @ 12:14 AM

    Im living in ruwais 5, if i wanna go to ladies club, the same bus drop me there or i have to change buses to reach there?

  10. Is the Bus service from Al Yash guest House 6 to the Ruwais Mall (B2.2.2) being discontinued. If so can you tell me why?

    Thanks for time and support.

    Best Regards


    • I think all (internal) bus services have stopped, and new services from the Abu Dhabi municipality will start.
      At the moment, i do not have confirmation of when this will happen.

  11. Hi Ryan,

    Is the public bus from Ruwais to Abu Dhabi in operation as it was stopped.


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