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2021 Bus Schedules To & From Ruwais

| Ruwais, UAE | January 15, 2021

On the 2nd of January, we confirmed that the Abu Dhabi bus resumed its operation.

Today, i would like to follow-up with a complete list of bus schedules available in Ruwais. The attached bus schedules’ Effective Dates are 30/12/2020.

This year’s Bus Schedules To & From Ruwais is dedicated to a recent grumpy visitor from whatsapp. Hopefully this information will not need too much updating later on.

Bus X88 - Ruwais to Abu Dhabi

Bus-X88 – Ruwais to Abu Dhabi

Before i share the complete “to” & “from” schedules, i think it is also important to have the contact numbers of Al Dhafra main bus stations. Just in case you need extra information about the bus routes or you forgot something in the bus.

Ruwais 02-4071787
Ghayathi 02-4071792
Tarif 02-4071757
Madina Zayed 02-4071767
Mirfa 02-4071772
Sila 02-4071778
Abu Dhabi 02-4071620

  • ALL DAY – Departures from Ruwais City Central Bus Station


  • Saturday-Thursday – Departures from Ruwais City Central Bus Station


  • Friday / Public Holiday – Departures from Ruwais City Central Bus Station


Bus 780 : Ruwais <> Tarif

View Fullscreen

Bus 880 : Ruwais <> Ghayathi

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Bus 881 : Ruwais <> Jebel Dhanna

View Fullscreen

Bus 882 : Ruwais <> Jebel Dhanna Ferry Terminal

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Bus 883 : Ruwais Mall via South

View Fullscreen

Bus 884 : Ruwais Mall via Ruwais Hospital

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Bus 890 : Ruwais <> Gweifat

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Bus X87 : Ruwais <> Abu Dhabi

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Bus X88 : Ruwais <> Abu Dhabi

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Please note that a Hafilat card is the only way to pay for bus trips. Here is some information regarding the card:


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6 Responses to “2021 Bus Schedules To & From Ruwais”

  1. you please send me the updated bus timings for the following bus routes from 10 May to 15 May?
    Ruwais Central Bus Stn TO Jebel Dhanna NCC
    Jebel Dhanna NCC TO Ruwais Central Bus Stn
    Abu Dhabi TO Jebel Dhanna NCC
    Jebel Dhanna NCC TO Abu Dhabi

    • Dear Sathya,
      If you look closely at the attached bus schedules you will notice that they include Public Holidays too. View them in full screen mode or download them to read all the details ;)

  2. is there any latest update on Bus Schedules to Abu Dhabi

  3. Francis castelino on November 13, 2022 @ 10:01 AM

    I am residing near delma jetty,please provide the bus timings from al dhanna mall to delma jetty with bus numbers

  4. Honey Lou Lou Lorgonio Cabral on December 11, 2022 @ 7:26 PM

    To whom it may concern,


    Iam residing at Al Yash 6, please provide the LATEST bus timings from Al Dhanna Mall to Abu Dhabi bus station with bus numbers.

    Thank you.

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